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Greeting Fanboys and Fangirls, And if you seen that teaser with Robert Rodriguez, Then it's time to Review My first Precure all stars movie... Spring Carnival.... Lets do this.
In many respects, Pretty Cure is one of Toei Animation's well known Franchise's in Japan, Alongside One Piece, Dragonball and perhaps the classic that may have inspired this, Sailor Moon. This started off with the First Season called Futari wa Pretty Cure and it's sequal Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, but As the seasons go by, series starts to have new having different Cure Teams and enemies, by incorporating what the guys at Toei know about the Magical Girl Genre into it's own unique and clever style. Some of the Members saved on crew by doing most of the work with professionals for free, directing, editing, writing, composing, Animating, special effects. Some seasons where good, Others where odd-wires, But turn out interesting in the end... Well some of them, The shows cheap, quick, and best of all, cool. It's pretty hard not to be impressed with this franchise. But not surprisingly, sometimes the fast-paced cheapness can backfire, particularly with there movies. While the first two Pretty Cure Max Heart movies where big hits with both audiences and critics, they seemed to get more and more childish and gimmicky as the seasons went on. But it's the All Stars movies that make a more bigger impact on the fans and critics, There are two Trilogys I know of The DX Trilogy and the New Stage Trilogy, (I'll review them Movies later on in the week) But it's not this movies that people remember being the most outlandishly strange and f%#@ed up. That distinction goes to Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival... This was Toei's first ever film that actually involves Singing and Dancing, I'm guessing this was inspired by Anime Shows and Movies that involve Singing and dancing, But for all I know this could be the Anime equivalent to High Schoo Musical. A charming gesture on, say, a behind-the-scenes featurette, but when you have to put that before your movie, almost like you're trying to already set the curve pretty low, well, let's just hope the fans enjoys it, because for the rest of us...um... Let's hope we all enjoy this, Thank god I have some Ear-Plugs Hahahaa

(Sighs) Okay, If your probably wondering who is Singing Badly at the Beginning of the movie, Well that's our Protagonist From Go Princess Precure Haruka Haruno AKA Cure Flora, Whom I find her singing very Questional, She is not alone There is her Fairy mascots of the season Pafu the Dog and Aroma the Bird, And her Team mates, Minami Kaido AKA Cure Mermaid whom I find very attracting knowing the fact that her Cure name is a Mythological Creature, And of cause the Easy to make fun of Member of the Group Kirara Amanogawa AKA Cure Twinkle, (TIME FOR BACKSTORY!!) In episode 42 of the season, I was against the idea of Kirara leaving the Group despite her friends telling her that they will be okay, I was relieved that she stock with the Group, And then Episode 43 when She decided to suspend her modelling career which I approve of, But her friend tell her to not Give up on her Dream... What Dream, there's nothing obligating her to do that, She's just doing it to impress her mother, But at the End of the episode, Kirara Decides that she will be going to Paris to work as a model for Bauanne... ARE YOU F%#@ING SERIOUS!!!! HAV YOU SEEN THAT TERRORIST ATTACK IN PARIS LAST YEAR, DESPITE THE FACT THAT THAT EPISODE AIRED AFTER THAT HAPPENED, IT SEEMED INSULTING TO THE FREANCH WHO LOST SOME LIVES! And this lead to one of them most LAME ASS ENDINGS IN THE SEASON!!!! Oh good one Haruka, Princess of the Pinheads, You screwed the potential of this season getting's sequel seasons, YOU FAILED THE FANS, AND YOU FAILED ME!!! Dumbass. By the way if your wondering why Towa Akagi AKA Cure Scarlet is not in this movie, Well When this movie was in Japanese cinemas, Towa was still working for Dys-Dark at the time as Twilight during the seasons run (But don't worry, She'll be in the nest one) But the girls get Invitations from the sky Inviting them to a Country not found on our world and we never heard of before Harmonia, Well if it's a county we never heard of before and Not found in the world, HOW THE HELL DOES IT HAVE A NAME?? I say that it's an uncharted land never found by Man-kind, But the Fairies know this stuff and never tell us this, THAT JUST CAME OUT OF NOWHERE!! So yeah Every Pretty Cure is invited, And They are given rides to the place with... (Sighs) This is where I get the feeling science isn't gonna explain much about it, Pretty Cure will be a Flying Chariot, Flying Sea-Turtles, Giant Birds, Flying Dolphins, Air Balloons, 1930 Plans, FLYING BOY! FLYING TRAIN! FLYING CARPITE.. Well that was in Aladdin, and a... Cloud??? THIS GOSE AGAINST THE LAWS OF PHYSICS, I DON'T CARE IF IT'S CAUSED BY MAGIC, THE PEOPLE LOOKING UP IN THE SKY OUTSIDE IF THEY SEE THEM WOULD BE LIKE, (WHAT THE???) This has happened before in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at least Ron's Car has an invisibility feature, while you girls stick out like a sore tome,And it's at this point that They meet the Protagenists of the Lest season the Happiness Charge Pretty Cures, By the way I should point out that Megumi Nakajima did the voice of Cure Lovely, Megumi Han as Cure Princess, Rina Kitagawa as Cure Honey and Guess who as Cure Fortune?... Having trouble? Well Try to imagine her with Orange hair, You can see right through her and she's with a Black haired kid with a Robot... That's right She's voiced by Haruka Tomatsu the same voice who did Misao Minakami from Asura Cryin, (I was surprised to find this out at the time! I guess Cure Fortune can never die cause she's immortal) When they get to Harmonia, They are introduced to the Villains of the movie Whom I really liked Odoren & Utaen voiced by top comedians Atsuhiko Nakata & Shingo Fujimori, Okay, Time for the songs... The First on is 39 Fairies and yeah this is some where Original a song to say Thank you to the Fairies... Okey, But Way? Oh lets see some of them Make Pretty Cure who they are, They give out useful information if it's not Perverted, They inform People about the History of there home worlds if it's not to long, Letting them stay at there places being treated as Family members or as Pets given the circumstances, And the fact that They Are Cute, nice and all that Crap. And through out the Movie the Songs are just used in the Shows but they altered them just so to fit the Movie, Which is the Laziest thing they have ever done! But Seeming this is a Pretty Cure Movie Who am I to Rant about them, But in some segments after the Songs The Cures do act a bit foolish, And when they talk about what have they been doing after the events of there seasons, But to my perspective It's back tracking some of the major events in the season. But I'll talk about them in the Soundtrack pic, By the way, The Dance parts are all done with CGI, I admit fits it well, But I can't believe I'm gonna say this in a Pretty Cure Movie but... What Ever I've Learned in the DX and New Stage Trilogies, I must assume that they must have used all there powers for a long time and must have Had the side-effect of turning them into Lesbians, And they don't know about it... (Mean while on the moon, Lord Zedd from Power Rangers over heard this shocking revelation
While the Precures are having fun Singing and Dancing and all that Crap, And I can't help but point out that Megumi's group sneaking in the back and IONA, YOUR NOT A FRIGGIN GHOST, SO PUT YOUR ASURA CRYIN MEMORIES ASIDE!!! Some of the Fairies start going missing, Which is worrying the girls But then we are greeted by a Song from the Thieves themselves, And... I really like the Song, Sure it's Bland but it's kinda catchy, And gee what a surprise turns out that Odoren and Utaen where behind the Fairies disappearance, What a Shock!! And with his success of Stealing all of Precures Transformation tools, He pulls of a positively High-larious Joke that he Transformed into... Cure Thief!!! Yeah I'm serious... Uh was that suppose to a joke to try and make fun of the Precure Transformations, Maybe it would have except for the fact that It doesn't work like that As Aroma pointed out that The transformation devices only work on the Legendary Warriors which are Pretty Cure AND NOT ANYONE ELSE!!! Spill What do you make of this?
(Spill Team: NICE TRY FUNNY MAN!!!)
Seeming that his joke never worked, He locks all the Devices in a chest and Destroys the key, And Loudly That not only the Kingdom is his but the entire world is his now... Wait a minute WHAT!!! Okey I'm just gonna contact him and see what's going on...
Odoren: Hello?
JWB: Hi this is JWB Reviewing the Movie your in, And... Is it True of what you said?
Odoren: That's right the Entire world is mine now!
JWB: I see, The world is yours... Umm, Bad news guy but, I should inform you that the World is really Reall big, How is that gonna work?
Odoren: Well, Once my business in Harmonia was done, I will visit all the Homes of the Rulers of the Country, Become the Suprime Ruler of Earth and the World will be in my pocket.
JWB: In your Pocket, But where would you stand?
Odoren: Umm, Your point?
JWB: Well, I'm not being assy about it, But I understand stealing a Kingdom, But stealing a planet is F%#@ing insane!
Odoren: I know right, It was all Deadpool's Idea
JWB: Yeah, I'm just gonna hang up now... He's crazy, This must have been the most convoluted scheme I've ever heard of, Yeah I know some super villains come up with Plans like this But STEALING THE WORLD!!! He must be a Doom-Bot that Belongs to Dr Doom!! No body would come up with a Plan this convoluted and Crazy plan in history. But All is not lost, As Haruka musters up the Courage to Sing and Dance in I have to Admit is another Creative Song that will never leave my head. Left with no other choice, Odoren sends in his foot Soldiers The Robbums to Fight the Pretty Cure in one of the most entertaining Fights in the Movie RISE STICK, STONE AND WOOD ROBBUMS OF WAR!!!!! While the All Star team split up, Letting Hime and the gang to find the King and Queen Whom have not much impact on the story, But they do and... Something has been bugging me ever since this little Adventure Started, What is this Guardian Deity, Is it some kind of Giant Colossus that protect the land? Oh my god.... IT IS A REALLY REALLY BIG DRAGON... I can think of some Dragons that are that big, There is Deathwing from World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, Bahamut the Dark Dragon God from Rage of Bahamut, And Maybe Smaug from The Hobbit, Despite the fact that he's a different Kind of Dragon, If I was in this position, I'd call up on the Worlds Greatest Super Heroes, The Avengers, The Guardians of the Galaxy, The X-Men, The Fantastic Four, The Justice League, Godzilla, Spawn, Hellboy, And Power Rangers to take THAT OVER SIZED PURPLE SUN OF A BITCH DOWN, OH YEAH!!!!! But Pretty Cure takes that Pansy road and use the there Purifying powers and Calm the Beast down... Rebuilding Harmonia in the Process, (sighs) Okay, wow. I never thought I would have to say this but... There is a Direct Message to All Pretty Cure !!!, Girl What the hell, I now it's against your Nature to Take some ones life because it's a Sin to kill a man, But There is no Sin in Killing a Beast, You cant always relay Purifying attacks, one day you'll be facing enemies that will be resistant you Purification powers, Then what will you do? So the final battle with the Girls and the Big Dragon wasn't just sort, But wasted the opportunity of an Epic Fight... Sorry Girls but, That was Weak! So the Beast is Calmed, Harmonia is Saved, Odoren and Utaen are not in trouble and now turned into Prisoner janitors (Maybe plotting Revenge on Pretty Cure on day... Or maybe not?) And Haruka gives us one more song Preformed by her team... Oh Joy, And that we begin to realise that Purple Dragon God is no really god at all, And everyone Breath a Sigh of relief there, Cause if that thing was god, Then things would be more messed up then we already are! So remember folks, If you want to be better at your own profession Just believe really, really, REALLY hard, and eventually, You'll get better at it. It always works.

And this was JWBs Reviews of Pretty Cure All Stars Spring Carnival, A nice gift from a fans, but a AVERAGE movie from a great franchise. I'll give it credit for the Animation and some of its creativity, and again, it's kind of hard to be angry at someone who basically made this movie for those who wanna Sing and Dance. But the cheapness of the story and the effects don't work to the film's advantage like in the other Seasons. In the All Star Shorts, the cheapness is stylized and gives a unique look. In this, the cheapness is too similar to so many other Singing and Dancing Animes that obviously tried. So this just looks like another one of those Song and Dance Animes. Aside from one or two entertaining performances, most of the voice acting is really wooden or just flat out awkward. And if some of you are wondering Why not All the Pretty Cures talked, I always thought it was Budget issues or the Voice Actors couldn't make it, But it came to Me there are just to many Pretty Cures to work with, If they where all given a Speaking role, Then this would have worked in a Season of it's own. A noble idea, but sadly, a average delivery. But I must give Credit to the True Stars of this movie, Odoren & Utaen Again I really Liked them guys, They where very Original, I give them five stars, And If I had some, Five Oscars Each, And I hope We'd see them again in the Future.

5/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall

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