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hello i am the demon god (makes no sense i know)


you are wrong and if you are suprised about that then just listen to this song.

if you want to see the best waifus go here

if you want to save the world from WRONG OPINIONS go  here

my love/hate things are incomplete if you think i forgot someone tell me. 

if you want to chat with my demon godly self go to skype and add skype name: runefriikki909 
and i will add you and laugh at your shittier taste.

what am i reading

what i am watching

and yes i am not being totally honest in this bio dont take it too seriously i am not an asshole only 50% asshole

full list of anime/manga/light novels/visual novels/figurines/charector assecories

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nezra132 Apr 21, 2016

Haha yes, all too often anime fans develop concrete opinions and refuse to alter them no matter what they see or hear. Which means most so-called discussions or debates actually turn into more of shouting matches. 

And while those can occasionally be fun to watch, they're not fun to participate in. 

Me personally, I'm hoping more people show up who just want to have fun. Up until last year I used MAL as well, but ultimately I left because the community was terrible and the UI was so-so. Only advantages MAL still has over this site are that 1) they update specific character info like pictures and voice actors more frequently and 2) they have a wider range of anime in their database, such as PVs, webimations, and music videos, among others. Still, those aren't nearly enough to tempt me back there. 

nezra132 Apr 19, 2016

Hello, thanks for the visit! Believe it or not, I have never once deleted even a single comment from my profile or from any of my lists! Now, whether I would fall to that level if I were to actually receive angry hate comments is uncertain, and frankly I hope it never gets to that point. Which means with regards to my crush rating list, one of three things is likely:

  1. The list is pretty new, so people haven't found it yet.
  2. They found it, but they either agree with me or don't care.
  3. They get the point of the list - to mix giving serious thought to these characters with some obvious humor - and so wouldn't stoop so low as to whine and complain about something so trivial.

For the record, it's not a troll list, it's a half-joke list. The inspiring thought was, "What would it be like to interact with ___ fictional character - via a friendship or a romantic relationship - in real life?" And so, although I 100% mean everything I say on that list, some of it is intentionally written in with a comedic tone.

Feel free to stop by whenever, I don't have nearly enough people to talk to on this site :)

ShiroTheHero Apr 18, 2016

damn, you got me x'D Dark Souls 3 = Nep Nep

ShiroTheHero Apr 18, 2016

Nep Nep > everything

KonachanXD Apr 13, 2016

That's great to hear =)