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i still watch this even now in 2020. kuroko no basket is my favorite anime of all time, it's had a large personal effect on my life and as a huge fan, i believe this movie was the best way to finish the series. it brings back all the classic moves that we already know (slam dunks, phantom shots...), but in a more refined way. there's no lack of excitement, adrenaline and emotional moments, as always. the game itself was amazing, not as good as other knb games but i think this was more like a farewell gift for the fans than anything else; and tadatoshi didn't fail with that. the game was an excuse to have all the fanservice that we always wanted but wouldn't be possible in the anime. we finally seeing the Kagami playing with the GOM, Murasakibara really enjoying basketball, Aomine and Kise doing a double team, and not to mention Akashi's emperor eye with his iconic theme soundtrack, it gave me goosebumps. the film has everything we wanted, and that's why I believe the strongest point of the movie it's actually the emotional meaning behind it. the satisfaction you feel when seeing all these characters we love work together and getting allong are beyond words, and especially, the joy of seeing Kuroko, despite everything he went through on Teiko, playing with his old teammates again and being happy with it is extremely heartwarming. it also does a good job with the character development of old and familiar characters that we see sides of these characters that we haven't seen before or at least not much of. and they had the most important detail: the typical Grandrodeo as the main band, those small details that would cause a nostalgic feeling to any fan made me found myself a grin on my face the whole movie, except for the end, where i cried all my tears. Kagami is my favorite character and seeing him cry for the first time when saying goodbye to Kuroko was very hearttouching and heartbreaking. during the entire anime, we saw the growth and development of Kagami and Kuroko's friendship. we saw them go through bad and good times, we watched their growth, and the end of that era too. but as always, kuroko no basket never fails to give a feeling that it is not the end. it's just like what Kuroko said after their match against Rakuzan ー "this isn't the end of everything. it's more like it's just began. we can fight, with the basketball we love, many times over."

9/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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