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Date a Live

Nov 30, 2019

DO. NOT. WATCH. THIS. ANIME.  Don't believe anybody who tells you that this anime is a must-watch for anime lovers.  Save yourself the trouble and watch D-Frag instead.  Sure, this anime was meant to be a parody of all harem anime.  However, it completely misses the mark on how to parody or make fun of harem animes.  In fact, I didn't even know this was supposed to be funny until I saw some of the reviews for this anime.  Not once did I laugh while watching the first several episodes.  Not even a smile.  Some of the fight scense are okay.  But this isn't a shonen.  If you want action, go watch a good shonen.  The animation is average.  The music and sound is average.  And there are a few redeeming characters in this train wreck.  And that's all the good things I can say about it.  [SPOILERS AHEAD].  Now, to the meat of the issue.  This anime just straight pisses me off.  The characters are either stupid or frustrating.  Sometimes both!  The main character specifically.  But, I'll get to him.  And yes, teenagers are supposed to be ignorant and indecivisive.  Yet the anime oftens breaks from even that formula whenever it's convenient to attempt humor (aka, tropes).  Still not funny.  I like the MC's step-sister Kotori.  She's knowledgeable.  Yet the anime doesn't so much as hint as to how a young teenager could become the commander of an organization designed to save lives (& somehow hid it from everybody else including her idiot "older" brother; I know, I know, I'll get to him).  It's like she deserves better.  But the author just doesn't know how to approach her other than initially setting her up.  I like Tohka.  Yet she keeps going back to the MC despite how poorly he treats her.  Any guy can buy or cook food.  A girl isn't going to like a guy just because there's food.  The MC just has no respect for her and her feelings.  People aren't like that.  And she should've dropped her affection for him like a bad habit.  Still can't figure out why she keeps going back to the MC.  The MC just doens't give her any explanations.  And then she forgets it by the next episode.  I like Origami.  Yet, as smart as the anime tries to make her out to be, the more I doubt she's real since all the facts happens right before her eyes.  And she still fails to see that the MC is not worth it.  Why is she so attracted to the MC?!  She gives no reasons.  And when he treats her bad, she still goes back to him or wants to save him.  That's pretty much the running theme for all the female characters:  like the MC no matter what.  Frustrating to see a perfectly fine and intelligent person make unrealistic decisions when it comes to the MC.  I really like Yoshino.  She is more like the star of the show than anybody else.  Yet, she's relegated to being a side character.  How can such a cute character be treated so badly by the writer?  Give that character a spin-off anime.  I'd watch that.  So long as none of the other characters appears in it.  She is literally too good for everybody else around her.  The rest of the characters are forgettable or annoying.  Now, the MC Shido.  He's nothing but a jerk in disguise.  What a disgusting example of a man he is.  He's got no respect for the other characters.  He's got no respect for himself.  After the first episode, I already was starting to have suspicions that this guy was only there to prop up the female characters.  It was like the author is either a man who's never dated before, or a woman who hates men.  That's what it felt like.  We're not talking about your normal clueless harem MC.  Not only does he string all these girls' affections around.  But he doesn't even have enough respect to be honest with all of them.  Normal harem animes would have the apology scene at the end of the episode.  We don't even get that.  He lies to all the girls.  Literally, all of them (besides Hosino, who should've been the real star anyway).  He'd be more likeable if he wasn't trying to keep all of them in the dark.  Which is stupid.  Because his sister's organization literally provides them with everything.  And none of them questions it.  Oh, these girls now get brand new apartments you say?  Where are they getting the money to pay for food?  Or clothes?  Or toiletries?  Or anything?!  And none of them has a clue that the MC is working with his sister's organization despite the numerous clues.  Origami keeps insisting she likes Shido.  Why?!  It's like she only started liking him because Tohka clings to him.  The MC has no redeemining traits other than to be there to help develop the other characters, who I barely even like as well.  You say he's supposed to be nice?  How is setting up 3 dates at the same time on the same day nice to anyone?  It's not even nice to himself!  You say he does the right thing to save lives and redeem the spirits?  More like, he runs into the most dangerous situations and is saved by an ex machina.  And he doesn't just do that once.  He does it several times.  Oh, but his sister is helping him along?  That's his younger sister!  How is the younger sibling so much more knowledgeable?!  Most teenage boys would ignore a younger sister when they're being too high and mighty.  Nope.  Not this wussy jerk.  And how come no one gets mad at him when he talks to himself with his finger to his ear?  Uhh, Shido, who are you talking to?  Can I see your ear just to check for a listening device?  Come on!  He even says random things out loud.  And the others don't question it?!  Plus, he brings out the worst characteristics in the people around him by disguising his jerk tendencies.  Tohka goes crazy?  Only because Shido is openly showing affection to someone else right in from of her.  I'm pretty sure she gave him her first kiss.  Likely his first kiss.  Then he goes on to basically ignore her until she's right in front of him showing a mean or sad face.  It's like we're supposed to suspend our disbelief to believe in his desire to save spirits without killing anyone.  But people straight die in front of him.  Only a child would fail to see the pain he causes the other girls to experience.  He doesn't shed a single tear for any of them.  In fact, there's one scene where the two warring organizations straight destroys a city.  Are we supposed to believe that no one is in any of those skyscrapers that are being destroyed?!  The MC runs right into the middle of it too.  Of course, the other characters just let him.  And then when he's about to die, he gets saved at the last minute.  I would've preferred he died for doing something so stupid.  And if the author wants us to believe that Shido is only going through all these pains (to himself and the other girls) so he can save spirits?  That he's standing up to the people who just wants to kill spirits?  Then why is just stopping at getting a kiss?  Shouldn't that same sense of justice extend beyond the mission?  Don't let his employers push him around and dictate every single move he makes and every single thing he says.  Don't leave the others alone to question why you're doing anything if you want them to live happily.  Don't be so irresponsible to want to touch these spirits' hearts, only to ignore them the rest of the way.  Don't stop communicating with them when you know you're on a mission.  He must be getting paid a ton if he's just doing anything he's told, f##k the repurcussions.  When a monster is about to kill you, don't just stand there staring.  The fool even ran to the most convenient spot for the monster to kill him.  He literally runs to the edge and within range of a monster charging his energy weapon.  He watches the whole thing.  And just stands there.  I just couldn't take it anymore!  I am not continuing this anime.  Who the heck gave the okay to give this stupid anime 2 more seasons?!

1/10 story
5/10 animation
5/10 sound
1/10 characters
2/10 overall
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