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FL is a person dating another man. Her father makes bad decisions in regards to his business and it failed. Now the FL has a bunch of debt to take care of. And the man she is dating has a sickly younger sister and he needs to get medicine for her. The FL was nice to the ML during their time at school and so he "fell" for her hard. Some things happen and the FL and ML are "together" now and in all honesty if I were her I'd cry locked in my room for at least a week after breaking up with the man I had loved. smh. she got over him real quick/showing no signs of remorse after that night. I myself do not like how it is happening/the pacing of the story. there's no actual love or romance happening between the two. I can see why she would never love the ML because thats such a crappy thing he did to cause the breakup.
There's nothing else I can really say considering there's literally no build up of how they got to their positions in the current time. there are just some brief flashbacks and that is about it. There's nothing between the two leads that bring them together, just some debt. Overall mediocre in story. Stopped reading at chapter 28 and will not finish.

5/10 story
7/10 art
2/10 characters
5/10 overall

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