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I'll be very brief and honest on this one, I'm about to drop this season. It started very good, same as the previous seasons, but the flashbacks, pushing too hard to make everyone amazing, and lack of Hinata's screen time made me lost interest.
I do want to see how all the team progresses, but I don't need to see every single player's flashback before very single serve.

Not only that but same as other recent sports anime, the protagonist is not shown for a long time while to opposing teams are being "show cased".
Why is it that sports anime start really, really good, they hook you up, and then around the 3rd season they just choke you with a horrendous amount of flashbacks and personal struggles that are so obvious to be just time-fillers.

I can also see that animation suffered a bit this season but the rest was top notch, voice acting was superb.

I wanted to see how Hinata and his team improves over time, I don't even care if they win or not. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

2/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
3/10 overall

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Trooney54 May 17, 2021

I couldn't agree more, however I still loved how it made the anticipation for Hinata that much more exciting. I mean all he had to do was one nice receive and i got excited. But getting a back story for every character on the opposing team really slowed down my interest in the show. This won't stop me from watching next season though haha

HogoKarasu Dec 18, 2020

Hinatas time will come ma friend you just have to wait I promise