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Hanappe Bazooka

Jan 28, 2023

This is not a "Good" anime.  It is the animated equivalent of listening to your stoned friend tell you the dream they had while on LSD.  With that out of the way, I massively enjoyed this.  

If you want a technical analysis there is another review here that does that and everything it says is pretty much true.  This review is not that.  This review is subjective and I found this thoroughly enjoyable. 

While I know this show’s animation Probably wasn’t good even at the time it was made, I have seen worse.  Along with that I also just really enjoy the animation style and character designs from the 80s and 90s.  It definitely helped that I went into watching this with pretty much no expectations for the animation.

As for the story/plot, there really isn’t one.  However unlike some slice of life anime that don’t really have big overarching plots and character development this felt much less purposeful.  It felt like someone wrote a lot of different scenes and then lined them up when they realized they were all vaguely similar but they couldn’t expand one out into a full 45 minute show.  Logically each scene does follow one after the other but somehow at the same time you’re left questioning “Wait, what about that thing from 5 minutes ago, is that going to come up again?”  Generally the answer is no the show has moved on and we must do so as well if we want to keep up.

The show doesn’t even have a consistent theme, and while I’m sure you could try and pin down what the original creator was trying to get at, it seems rather pointless.  This strikes me as a moment of unintentional absurdism where every time we, as the audience, think we know what the point is and what’s going on the rug get pulled out from under us with something new that feels like it completely changes whatever is going on to a point where everything else that has happened up till now is pointless.

At the end of the day however we are left with one question.  Did you enjoy it?  This show is definitely not for everyone, I don’t know if I could in all good faith recommend this to many people.  However I have given it a 5/10 because while it is not good by any technical measure I did smile my whole way through and laughed and the nonsense of it all.

TLDR: If you like (Not good) 80s and 90s animation, crude and childish “adult” humor, and want to watch something that will make you wonder what the f*** is happening for 45 min you just might enjoy this like I did.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
5/10 overall
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