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Terra Formars

Sep 15, 2020

(Light spoilers)

Was interesting how cocky the humans were, not one time but THREE times. They go to Mars and each time get completely eviscerated because they underestimate the cockroaches. I'm like dude, cockroaches on earth are impossible to kill and they only an inch long; why you think 6 feet tall cockroaches are going to be easier to defeat??! Plus you don't want to kill them but CAPTURE them, y'all all super gonna die. I liked the human characters but if they *that* dumb, they kinda deserve the butt whooping. They give 100 humans surgery where a serum can activate animal genome. However when they are attacked by the cockroaches, only 6 "general" types are actually able to fight. The rest stand around and gape at the action. Even when they get over their shock nobody grabs the serum, injects or even tries to come up with a plan of attack. And there's a LOT of monologuing going on by good guys. Sorry if this sounds a bit ranty, that's how much it bothered me.

There's weird flash backs of dead characters stories. Weird because who cares about them after they're dead?? Then other people stories are also told but the time lines are very confusing. I was into the science side of things until they said humans can only go without air for 2 minutes. C'mon have you never heard of free divers?! They go 10 minutes plus easily. That made me question all the other trivia narrator sprinkles thru, which was cool but then spoiled by someone not doing enough research.

Sound design is super good. It's very suspenseful and hits the right notes. 

3/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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