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TracksuitYato Sep 26, 2020

I have a harder time disliking characters if I know their past because I can usually tell where they're coming from. I know Akito's past, and even if she isn't a decent human being, I think she made the right choice in the end. That's why I don't hate her.

Some1ridculous Sep 26, 2020

Haha I'm actually relieved bro cause I was panicking there if I did say something wrong in my reviews or comment on other people's review. I'm normally careful on what I say on here lol. Yeah Goodreads does it better when blocking our spoilers when it comes to manga or at book in general, same for IMDB with anime. Whereas with MAL and here, all you do is put the "Spoilers" tag on your comment but you're still worried though if you spoiled it for people at the same time time lol

Some1ridculous Sep 26, 2020

Oh I didn't say you had spoilers in your review, I was just making a point that you can't hide spoiler reviews here. That's all

Some1ridculous Sep 26, 2020

Sorry which review do you mean exactly?