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Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: The #1 coming of age story that I have ever seen in my entire life. 

Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation: An isekai story unlike any other, a coming of age story unlike any other, in summary, a story unlike any other. With the unique story, this manga has soared up to my #1 manga since reading from the beginning.

No spoilers! Yay! I assume you have read the synopsis.


First of all, I love this manga's take on the isekai genre. Normally you would have someone getting transported to another world, finding out 1: he has cheats/an overpowered ability, or 2: he is super weak, gets separated, and gets more powerful over time. But this story says no to thos two, and gives 3: starting life from age 0, not overpowered or underpowered, but just with one goal: to live life to its fullest. [story+2]

This manga also brings the coming of age genre to its fullest potential, showing a boy's life from the age of 0, growing up little by little, going through various obstacles in life along the way. I love how Rudeus' aging is incremental and slow, allowing the reader to follow along with his life. [story+2]

My third point: If you have came here looking for action, then I'm sorry, there is very little action, with an action scene about every 5 chapters. [story-1] Instead, there is a lot of drama, focusing on many different themes and genres, including family, comradeship, and romance. There are a lot of happy and sad scenes that can make you cry. [story+1] Also, the this manga has the tag harem, but I don't see any. There is some teacher-student relationship, some underdeveloped romance with a childhood friend, and this very well developed romance with another girl, but they always somehow disappear from the protagonist's life, and the protagonist isn't with 2 girls at the same time. So there are some important parts of a Harem like rivalry that aren't there. (it's not that I like harem, it's just that I don't get why these people are introduced if they just disappear like that)

There are a lot of nice plot twists in the story. After reading for a while, you probably think that you know what the story is going to be about, but you actually don't. There will be this random thing that happens and everything turns around. [story+2] However, sometimes the twist totally destroys the momentum built in the relationship development or in the plot. [story-1]


The art isn't too special. The only thing worth talking about is how the artists were able to design characters over various ages. The character design really shows how the person is aging. [art+2] They also do a good job at making every character look different, even though some of the hair styles are kind of generic. [art+1]


I love the characters! The main characters are very round and dynamic. The character development is so much better than most stories I know of. [characters+2] I especially love the protagonist, Rudeus, because of his determination to be successful. [characters+2] There is one thing that I don't like about the characters: they keep on leaving. You get to know some characters so good, and then the story just takes them out of the protagonist's life. Sometimes you get to see what they are doing without the protagonist, but those parts aren't as interesting [character-1]

10/10 story
8/10 art
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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