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JustAkeno Jul 6, 2021

that's ... exactly what the reviewer was talking about. you didn't even watch the anime. here are several moments when the protagonist realises certain things, making his behaviour less annoying. if anything, that's just good writing. 

that said, not that I like the this anime. I just think that people like you are being rather ridiculous and unreasonable about this anime.

Note that I'm not disagreeing with you. But people like you are just blowing this out of proportions. There are many anime where the protagonists were MEGA ANNOYING, and yet they got good ratings. Black Clover's got a neat 4/5 rating, and yet for the first 100 episodes he did nothing but coarse screaming. 

There is no reason to take these insignificant quirks of this anime to hate on it so much. If this wasn't a sequel and people had nothing to compare this anime to, then there would not be so many people complaining over every little thing.

Besides, give some credit to the animators. They once spent over 5 months to animate an episode of this anime. It's really fucking unfair because they aren't just acting like a soulless corporate entity.

Smarty027 Feb 13, 2021

True that, I like HxH a lot. Though, I love Yu Yu hakusho more than HxH as I watched when I was small. You could try watching that it is from the same creator as HxH. 

Gintama is good, I'm saying this even though I just started it, but it is slow paced ,i.e, it is funny but story is slow.