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i don't really reply much and i tend to dip for months on end oof

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osaka Aug 12, 2021

hey hey! Thank you so much for follow! Hope you have a good day/night/evening?!

So- which is your favourite manga or anime if I can ask?? :D 
Or maybe you have your favourite character??

Tsurukame Aug 3, 2021

Oh hey Primrose!Long time no see too,as I'm was busy with these days as well.I even got myself vaccinated a few days ago,got the american Moderna vaccine.

And yeah,my dad got discharged from hospital around more than one week after his admission for surgery.I remember my mom bring me there to visit him in the Intensive Care Unit,and the sight of patients in critical state lowkey scared me.I also remembered possibly having a small breakdown should my father's condition become critical,but thankfully it didn't.

Real life issues aside,I just finished World Trigger both seasons and Naoki Urasawa's Monster recently.Genshin has also released a new map based on a japanese-inspired nation few weeks ago too.How about you?

Bunille Jul 30, 2021

It's really nice to meet you, too. :)

Bunille Jul 29, 2021

Oh sorry, I must be blind haha. I'm pretty sure I thought I wasn't following you, so I followed you and it ended up unfollowing you. I apologise.

Maryyen Jul 27, 2021

Oh mate I've considered that perspective on Aloise Trancy, don't worry. Honestly most people, even if they do dislike Alois Trancey, understand that his person is a result of his past trauma and isn't his fault. 13 year old me understood so back then and I've maintained that perspective. Regardless, disliking him as a person altogether doesn't mean people in general don't understand where he's coming from, and him being a child doesn't disregard that fact that for some people, the fact that he still molested people is enough for them to dislike a character. Keep in mind such people could also be children themselves of the same age who could have possibly been assaulted by pupils in their school of the same age hence why they don't draw that distinction even if you say "he's a child" - I know that was one perspective for one of my old mates.

But it's because he is a fictional character and not a real person that people are comfortable disliking him as a person because people differentiate between a character who molests (disliking a character's actions) and a real child's actions being a result of molestation (disliking a victim). It's likely that viewers will see people like me take the mick out of Alois and think I'm drawing conclusions about actual victims of molestation, when really for many people do no treat characters in fiction, like Alois, as a representivie of victims but a standalone character who theycan criticise without needing to make disclaimers.

For example, as you've correctly stated he is a result of his trauma. Like many (child) molesters, they were also molested as children, and so I brought up child molesters because that is a possible outcome relevent to characters like Alois if he were to exist (again, not saying Alois himself would legitimately turn out this way despite me joking about it in my comment). Thus I was being hyperbolic with it in my comment because I was purposefully engaging in offensive humour. Don't mind it though, in actuality, I simply didn't care for his character (as in I paid him no mind while watching) because season 2 as a whole disappointed me, hence why I took the piss with my comment and did not offer a serious constructive criticism. All in all I just thought I'd offer my perspecctive since I enjoyed reading your comment. 👍