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This anime is a great example of something that had a lot of potential but dropped off very quickly. The first two episodes of this show were really refreshing. They showed a bond between a daughter and father that had to overcome cultural differences. Watching Latina grow over the first two episodes felt rewarding, and i wanted to see more of her. However, this feeling almost immediately fell off as by episode 3 Latina was basically fluent in English cause ya know two days to learn a fucking language.

If that wasn't bad enough the animation quality felt like it dropped by a large maragin from the first episode. Maybe i am being picky but it saw it a lot more in later episodes. Lifeless backgrounds, sloppy facial movements, boring magic, i felt the series declining. If it wasnt for a friend i probably would have dropped it. Moving on from animation, Dale. OH BOY OH BOY DALEEEEEEE. This annoying little shit would not shutup period. He was exteremly perdictable after 1 episode, and i found myself counting the minutes till the episode would end so his boring 1 dimensional personality was off my screen. 

The music wasnt bad, so i dont really have much to say about that. Last but not least, plot. What the fuck was even the point? Now i have seen a good amount of slice of lifes but this was just no. Rather than seeing cute girls or a cute bond it was just some random adventurer try to pamper his adopted daughter. Boring and repetitive. Hopefully the studio will produce something with better animation next time. Not blaming them for this shit show or the manga its pulled from.

1/10 story
3.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
1/10 characters
3.4/10 overall

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m4rc1d1u5 Jul 11, 2020

Exactly.  Dale is a fucking annoying kid acting like a 10 years old