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I am your average geek and nerd. I mostly watch dub anime and have some clearly defined area of taste but watch enough anime and you know a good story when you see it. when I pick an anime to watch often all it takes is the trailer to get the feel for it and decide. and liek all views I started with simple taste but learned to decern the good from the ok. 

my way of rating a anime is simple. 3 is watch once and done. 3.5 watcha again with a friend but thats about it for replay. 4 watch now and then but hardly need to own it. this is where alot of my opinions land. good but not good enough to own. 4.5 and 5 thats hard to reach but it means good enough to keep on hand no matter what. 4.5 it can wait but 5 is sooner then later. 

my taste mainly falls in to romantic comedys and good storys. I love the torture of the main charactors in a good harem anime. 

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