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Dagashi Kashi 2

Apr 1, 2018

I believe the second season has learnt a little from the last and tried to improve by making the episodes shorter. This makes each episode snappier and a little more fast paced than the last. As the anime fit better this way. However I think it's also a negative point as in the first season there was little to no character or story development. Now with it being shorter its like there isnt a chance of development with the way the stories play out each one just has a little story but nothing happens after it like the episodes could go in any order and you wouldnt know. And each time the story feels cut short, it's like it could have gone on for a little longer but it got cut off. Also moving on, the long episodes in season 1 could feel a little lacking or boring at times with long drawn out scenes but the characters really kept the story going and kept you hooked because of there personality were so new (Mainly hotaru). Then towards the end of season 1 you know about as much as you knew about them at the start, so when hotaru leaves for good as you see in season 2 you are like "what?". Then with the intriguing character gone the show feels a little stale. Although i have said alot of negative things about the show I have still highly rated it as I still think it's a great show. On a side note can some freaking romance or something happen I don't care if it's saya or hotaru either one is fine it's killing me!

6/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall

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