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Yona of the Dawn

May 23, 2020

I just currently finished watching this anime show and honestly it has a great plot to it, really love the characters, but sadly there's still no season 2. Anyways the lead character, Princess Yona, really made a great character development in every episode like how she went from a spoiled dependent kid to a strong willed brave lady. Through her journey, she struggles with herself mentally because of what happened to her father and physically she doesn't have the strength to fight and that made her think she would be a burden to Hak. Hak in this show is Yona's childhood friend, and her appointed bodyguard, not just that but Hak has feelings for her that he sometimes deny of. Hak is truly an important character that would help in improving Yona's character. So let's talk about the plot. After the tragedy that happened with her father between her childhood sweetheart, Soo-won, who is trying to do whatever it takes to be the king, Yona has got nothing left to do but to run away with Hak. After Soo-won got to be king of Koaka Kingdom, Yona and Hak will need to make a great journey to find the four legendary dragons to help them restore the kingdom and save their friends. While on a journey they will meet new people that would also help them accomplish some task. This story is a bit confusing in terms of romance, since Yona has a care-free personality and she would sometimes give off some mixed signals and also she is surrounded by a couple of guys. Cue the song "she want the whole crew shawty brave." But still you gotta love her tho and you'll definitely want her to end up with Hak.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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