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Hi mate, welcome to my profile.

I'm Kiara!
Yeah..this account is 1 year old, but I've been watching Anime for 2y+.
First Anime I've ever watched was probably one when I was only a kid and don't remember anything, but my ''official first Anime'' was "Miraii Nikki".
After that I got more interested and started watching more and more, like "A Scientific Railgun", "Angel Beats", etc!

Then I figured out this so called ''Anime library'' site, and I decided to make a simple account so I could organize my series,
since I knew I was definitely going to watch many more.

Anyway, here are my favorite Anime so far:

-The Promised Neverland  5/5
-Attack On Titan  4/5  (Season 3, pt2 = 5/5)
-Bunny Girl Senpai  4.5/5
-Death Parade  5/5

How I Rate Anime Series:

5 Stars: Flawless Masterpiece
4.5 Stars: Amazing/Great
4 Stars: Really Good
3.5 Stars: Good
3 Stars: Pretty Okay
2.5 Stars: Decent
2 Stars: Bad
1.5 Stars: Really Bad
1 Star: Horrible
0.5 Star: Shouldn't Even Exist
0 Stars: Forgot to rate it or didn't bother to do so because it was 100% trash.

You may as well check out my library!



Favorite Husbando:
Levi Ackerman - AOT

Favorite Waifu
Mikasa Ackerman - AOT

Most Ideal Waifu
Asuna Yuuki - SAO

Favorite Interesting Anime Character
Yuno Gasai - FD

Favorite Anime Kid
Emma - TPN

Favorite Anime Protagonist
Kazuma - Konosuba

Favorite Useless Anime Girl
Aqua - Konosuba

Favorite Anime Villain
Light Yagami - DN

Favorite Anime Monster Girl
Tohru - DM

Favorite Anime Teacher
Koro Sensei - AC

Favorite Anime Ship
Kousei x Kaori - YLIA

Favorite Anime Friendship
Armin x Eren - AOT

Favorite Anime Siblings
Sora x Shiro - NGNL

Favorite Anime Duo
Light x L - DT

Favorite Anime Love/Hate Relationship
Levi x Mikasa - AOT

Favorite Anime Creature
Chomosuke - Konosuba

Favorite Action Anime
Attack On Titan

Favorite Superhero Anime
My Hero Academia

Favorite Horror Anime
The Promised Neverland

Favorite Music Anime
Your Lie In April

Favorite Drama Anime
Scum's Wish

Favorite Tragedy Anime
Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Favorite Romance Anime

Favorite Slice of Life Anime
Dragon Maid

Favorite Hentai Anime
Interspieces Reviewers

Favorite Isekai Anime
No Game No Life

Favorite Fantasy Anime

Favorite Mecha Anime
Darling In The Franxx

Favorite Psychological Anime
Death Parade

Favorite Mystery Anime
Death Note

Favorite Supernatural Anime
Bunny Girl Senpai

Favorite Comedy Anime

Favorite Harem Anime

Favorite School Life Anime
Assassination Classroom

Favorite Play or Die Anime
Future Diary

Favorite Anime Movie
A Silent Voice

Favorite Anime OP
The Promised Neverland - Touch Off

Favorite Anime ED
Scum's Wish - Heikousen

Favorite Anime OST
Attack on Titan - Reluctant Heroes [ Levi's Pain ]

Favorite Anime of All Time
Attack on Titan


That's all! Thank you for passing by, human.~

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  • 1
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222 total

Life on manga

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riival Oct 5, 2020

I respect your anime reviews/opinions and how you rate them. Very worthy. You earned my follow 

riival Oct 5, 2020

Dunno honestly. Think i'll have to rewatch the show (Assasination Classroom) and figure out why the hell I made the decision to put Koro-sensei in my dislike list. Hopefully he doesn't stay there much longer. lol

BrokenSparks Sep 2, 2020

Sorry that our opinions vary. It seems I tend to appreciate things more than most others would, due to my upbringing and what not. Simply put, rather than insult one's opinion on things that they enjoy, take in to consideration their thoughts and you may possibly learn to appreciate things more.

TheCautionBandi Aug 3, 2020

I dropped it because I actually got caught up in life stuff so I forgot everything about it and fell off the groove. Will read the manga though.