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Kanon (2006)

Feb 14, 2011


Kanons storyline is basically divided into sections. Each of the main characters has a deep emotional story, which makes the whole anime feel melancholic, rather than having a slow build up like Clannad. Infact, the first half of Kanon is structured very similar to the first half of Clannad.However, where Clannad has Fukos storyline, and then focuses mainly on nagisa and Tomoyas blooming relationship, Kanon carrys on in the same vain the whole way through, having arcs mainly dedicated to 5 girls. I found with Kanon, that i was in a constant emotional state which kept me hooked the whole way through,but didn't give me a sudden emotinal tearjerking punch in the stomach like some other animes did(Clannad afterstory is the only anime to actually make me cry,however this was close too). It also meant that i wasnt as attachted to the main heroine (Ayu) as i was to Nagisa because i had less time to be. The effect is not negative though. When i look back at the series i invision a dramatic and tragic emotional rollercoaster, which tries to be as cute and imaginative as it is tragic, and succeeds at both.



When i first started watching this series(This was the first i watched out of Keys animes) i didnt like the look of the femal cast. I thought they looked like stupid bug aliens. However, with familiarity, i completely feel in love with them.They are basically exaggerations of Anime, and they are just not too exagerated to look disturbingly mutant (like they did in the 2002 series). The whole story is set in a snowy winter wonderland, but it is a very beautiful setting and perfect for the melancholic story. I watched this whole anime on a cold winters night, and i was really absorbed in the surroundings.



The sound is the most perfect aspect of the show in my opinion. One thing which really impresses me is how all of keys works opening themes sum up the mood of the anime. Clannad first series theme is quite casual sounding, more down to earth less supernatural. Airs theme is more action packed and emotional. Kanons openning theme is very dramatic and distant, and overall sounds more like its from a fairytale, and indeed These are all the qualitys within each show. The voice acting is very well done and perfectly timed which is vital for a lot of the comedy.

8.5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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