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Dec 13, 2020


I am only on the third volume, but every story has personally meant something to me.  All the stories are very very real and it brings a lot of perspective about the struggles of having a hard life for the youth whether it be, self-mutilation, abuse, prostitution, suicide, and so so much more than I could never fit into this review.  If you are in a dark place, the content may be triggering, a lot of the stories do not have a happy ending, but as I mentioned, it brings a lot of realistic perspectives.  


The art has more of a realistic aspect and is done in great detail.  


All of the characters are based on real-life experiences of the author, so it isn't like they were created with fiction in mind.  You can't really rate or judge the characters since they are based on real people that we will never know.


I think this manga series is very good for real stories.  You have to remember that this series is a collection of events that happened to the author, so it isn't a progressing story.  Every story is emotionally impactful and truly brings perspective to what happens with people, specifically children, and teens during very hard parts of their lives when they are struggling.

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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