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10 Manga I Read Because I Couldn't Say Goodbye to the Anime

Anime wraps us in its arms and promises to love us forever--even though we know that affection can only last so long. And, when it does finally end, it feels like all your anime friends have left you behind. So, you do the only...

Favorite Female Characters

CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW. My all-time favorites (as of this moment), finally ranked, after weeks and weeks of deliberations, cage fights, and (near the end) coin flips. Any seeming conflicts with other, similar lists I've made are...

Favorite Series EVER (...for of this moment)

CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW. My favorites, of all the anime series I've seen to this point, made mostly so I'd no longer have to rely on deciphering the scribbles and arrows and asterisks on the post-it note I'd been using...

Ranking KonoSuba Girls

WORK IN PROGRESS. (, I'm bored.)

Ranking Monogatari Girls

Araragi's built himself quite a harem. A progressively weirder and more uncomfortable harem. But where do they sit with me (in terms of how much I enjoy them, because ranking them by any other criterion would be kinda gross), you...

Top 10 Genki Girls EVER (...for of this moment)

WORK IN PROGRESS. A list of my 10 favorite genki girls. Soon they will war for my heart against the tsunderes, but for now...