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Alebord Mar 30, 2019

on amazon

It's one of my favourite if not it, i love it.

Also got some bloom stuff

I put the keychain on my car keys now and ordered another one for that spot

that one also i bought a Miku acrylic stand too

the QQ Miku aka best miku

didn't got it yet, but man Miku is like heaven itself

Also that figure is nice, a mix of the two would make it awesome, the long haired on the branch-thing-y

MAN It's snowing again, can i have some summer plz

Also if you were on discord i'd be spamming you with these all the time lol

also got a small shitty miku figure that i put in storage caus it sucks lol

Alebord Mar 29, 2019

I’m a long hair guy so no

also there’s better for 40$ like the new miku figure i got or all the bloom merch i got 😅(even cheaper!)

Alebord Mar 29, 2019


Maybe it was just me but i was psyched by the recap part it was intense! I was glad to not have re-read the before since the recap part brought back memories almong that text that was just god! 

Also super fast part! 

Actually prefered it that way xD

BUT MAN, if that killed you: JUST WAIT to see bloom's ending caus heyyyy man that one did me a number!

Also, ikr she was nice for once, though i didn't mind her all that much (she was a pest in the anime though)

The last one, but i have big hopes!

Now i'm going to read one, either finish the last vol of kase-san or the second and last vol of a weird sex manga only in french though ;D

Alebord Mar 27, 2019

I forgot where the anime left? (Didn’t finish it yet too) though i’m happy to read the manga before in any case 😅

Hopefully it had left before that and you’ll get the good stuff in manga, not sure 😭

Alebord Mar 27, 2019


just finished bloom and




That was insanely good!?!❤️❤️

like just wow, read citrus before that caus you’ll spit on citrus otherwise 😂