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Alebord Apr 4, 2019

Just read Now Loading...! and i liked it. Not the best thing ever, but it's only 1 volume and is quite sweet. 

It's like a GL New Game with adults lol (or at least ppl that feel older)

But yeah i liked it. 

Alebord Apr 2, 2019

''But the play was so clunky! The dialogue was so hackneyed''

I mean that's the point? It's a school play, i'd have been dissapointed if it was on a pro level x)

I thought it was quite nice for the context

I liked seeing it actually and would'Ve been mad to only see bits lol XD

It's like when you watch something you already know the story of, there isn't really a point to it besides enjoying

Actually i'm glad it was made that way for the play instead of a popular one like oh letS' do romeo and juliet ._.

Also, don't worry they would've filled the holes to end with that anyway XD

That's good (i need to finish the anime lol)

Alebord Apr 2, 2019

Also next vol is WAS June 11, 2019

Now December 17, 2019. :/

And i have it pre-ordered apparently

And 8th is RN August 4, 2020

Alebord Apr 2, 2019



I LOVED the play part so much! (was it featured in the anime? i still haven't finished it so idk, might be why you didn't like it?

Anyhow i ADORED that part and the whole thing! It was FAR FAR ahread of Critrus's volume for me! AND the ending OMG

We knew the story of the play, but having it actually played out was great imo. Having her parents and everything

That expression on her face when she says the truth parts god

Anyhow the whole vol was insane for me :/

Alebord Apr 1, 2019

It’s already on Amazon lol i might have pre-ordered it already i forgot, BUT I KNOW RIGHT ITS AWESOME