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ShoumaTaka Apr 17, 2019

Heyyy Bestie <3 ( sorry I haven’t been on here in like what feels like a century and a half but I’m kinda sorta back?? , I’ve just been working nonstop >.< , my laptop that I recently brought fell into the bathtub water so I’m thinking about going to the pawn shop and getting a new one but I don’t know if that’s a good idea .. >_< I kinda don’t wanna spend over 450$+ on a new laptop again)

OneCraftyLady Apr 17, 2019

Not much my dude! 

How have you been lately? Are you on Discord btw?

OneCraftyLady Apr 16, 2019

*waves* Hi Anime Bro! ^_^

Alebord Apr 9, 2019

I had to look at the name to write it too lol

i mean it’s not yuri, but it has the shoujo-ai tag so it’s obviously going to turn into some kind of romance

i found it pretty fun and cute anyway

I have more volumes unread yet of that one iirc

i will read more of it for sure (flower liky whateve one)

also I watched quintuplet it’s awesome and i have the first volume of it gonna read it

miku best girl

Alebord Apr 9, 2019

I read Futaribaya or whatever it's called and man!

What was it that you disliked about that it's amazing! O: