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hell0emi Jun 3, 2019

*sniff sniff* 

Now everything I do will be in gif form. 

I haven’t even seen this show I just know you love it and the gifs are cute 

hell0emi Jun 3, 2019

Did this WORK

hell0emi Jun 3, 2019

If I knew how to do the GIF thing, I’d put one of some anime tights here. 

So let’s all just pretend that here is a GIF of some anime tights. 

galaxygirl321 May 1, 2019

hello how are u? 

u wanna be friends?

OneCraftyLady Apr 18, 2019

Oh no! Sorry if my bro fist was too sexy for you.

I'm so sorry you've been sick D: Go rest and drink all the water and take some medication! *covers you in blankets and frets* D: Get better soon! Being sick sucks and I'm sorry you've been under the weather for so long! I hope it clears up soon! 

I'm doing well. As for my username....... <_< ............. >_> ........It's both lol. I'm a very crafty lady who also likes crafts! Like I can knit and I draw and stuff.  ^_^ 

We should be Discord friends and you should also use it more X3 You've never had a cellphone? o.o You make me wonder more and more how old you are lol Nothing wrong with not having a cellphone though, sometimes I wish I didn't have mine but it's honestly so convinent that the idea of having a house phone is super weird to me now lol I think I only know two people who still have them and both of them are my dadn's of them is actually litterally my dad. X3 

 What have you been up to lately besides being sick? Any movies you're excited about or anything? I'm super behind on what's coming out but i'm Jazzed about the new Lion King movie and the Detective Pikachu one. 2019 is hitting me right in the childhood. o.o