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ShoumaTaka Mar 21, 2020

Aww, that sucks about your job. I know a lot of people are in the same boat, though. And things'll turn around as soon as we stop being forced to stay in our homes for weeks at a time. (I thought you lived in New Jersey. Did you move to NY?)


Exactly ! Hopefully this coronavirus thing passes up and quickly and in a hurry because being laid off isn’t anything funny ugh .

And yeah I live in New Jersey ! But Governor Cuomo is speaking for NJ , NY & CT so I guess we have no choice to listen to him ❤️


I decided to watch genres I'm not usually that big on, this year. I started with some mecha stuff. Watched two of those, and really enjoyed them--though they weren't very heavy on the robot combat stuff, so I feel like I kinda cheated. Still liked the shows, though.

Right now, though, I am really into idol girl anime. Because I watched one show that is sort of (sort of) about idols and it was awesome, so I decided to check out a bunch of other ones. And...not gripping me with the same level of fun that the mecha shows did. I guess we'll see how it goes...and if I suddenly decide to jump over to the cyberpunk stuff in my queue, instead.


And let’s talk anime :3 ! So far I haven’t been really watching any anime or reading any manga. Due to the fact that I’ve been working so hard and I lost my son in December so I’ve been taking some time watching a little real shows like ( The Walking Dead , & Fargo) ,  and MECHA ?! Oh my god.  I can’t stand mecha ( except for Evangelion & Code Geoss) , and idol anime I haven’t seen a good idol anime in a minute mostly because I’ve never been interesting in it . Reminds me of high school music and I’ve noticed they always have the same premise ( like having to raise money for the school ) , I’ll get into it one day eventually. I have to venture out in new genres being that we don’t have much horror / drama anime out there .


As for manga...I've gotten a bunch of new yuri series, since a bunch of the series I was already reading are over or ending soon.

How about you? Anything fun and interesting on the docket for my Kiyo-chan?


Haven’t been reading to much either I’ve added a bunch to my want to read list ! 🥰 I’ve added a bunch of drama , dark , and comedy anime’s ( also some BL’s & Yuri ) as well

ShoumaTaka Mar 20, 2020

aw thank you best friend :3 havent been on here much honestly but i never forget about you , how've you been? brought anything 

anime related? watched any new anime read any new manga? ( or old , whichever you prefer lol ) , also

hows it going with the cornonavirus? ( gov cuomo has been doing a wonderful job with the whole quarantine thing, although im getting laid off

until further notice from my job im still hanging on ) x

Alebord Feb 23, 2020

Too lazy to edit last comment 

Alebord Feb 23, 2020

Nothing special sadly i did some videos a while bavk but stopped

also it's one hell of a job i packed the woring with the desk

Alebord Feb 23, 2020

It's a whole new series not just bonus at the end they say there's gonna be volume 2 !! Moving close like 5min, since my work zone is an hour around where i live i can't move far sad part i need to disassemble my computer setup which i had finished not long ago