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Alebord Jun 12, 2019


It’s been a while!

but more importantly reading ‘i married my best friend to shut my parents up’ by the author of NTR and man i love it

ShoumaTaka Jun 10, 2019

Best friend :3

hell0emi Jun 5, 2019

Long Tuesdays are the worst, Wednesday is automatically an improvement when there is no rain forecast, woohoo. 

We all know how England likes it’s rain but I like the sun.

Hope your Wednesday is not monday-y!

hell0emi Jun 4, 2019

I see, I see - give me a hot minute to catch back up with my seasonals and i’ll give it a go. And by give it a go I mean watch it because once I start something I have a compulsion to finish it. 

Ive seen all those upcoming in the list and we all know that if they’re accessible for me I’ll end up watching them. Heh. 

hell0emi Jun 3, 2019

As a rule i dont enjoy Loli things but everything seems to be drawn cutesy so is it really loli. 


because it’s you, I’ll probably watch it - I’m not saying I’ll like it, I’m saying I’ll watch it. 0:)

Since I assume we will be watching the booby body builders next season too, will it fill the voids left by sensei show and tights show. Who knows?!