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hell0emi Jun 27, 2019

I’ve had a quick google about his actual sister and I’m howling at what she’s said about him. In fairness I can see where she’s coming from because it’s the only thing he writes about, I can see her discomfort. Although I’m no ones little sister so I guess I’ll never truly understand :’)

*wears secret pin with secret pride*

I’m usually up for trying weird things at people’s request, *usually*~

like I still fully intend on watching that weird priest thing and the others similar :’) so what is wrong with me?! Ha!

also don’t hate yourself because I think you’re awesome *peace sign*

hell0emi Jun 27, 2019

So my favourite character was the grumpy one, the 14.5 million copies sold author. 

No, scratch that, it was the other guy author with the “misunderstanding” :’)

The story itself I actually was on board with, I’m not even offended by the borderline incest (can I say that without being judged?! Who is watching?! *squinting*) I just couldn’t get past the middle schooler panty shots - and I know that that was the whole point in it and I’m sorry but I just.... *crying*

but I think we can all admit that I did my best and now I understand the jokes! ^.^

hell0emi Jun 27, 2019

I finiiiiiished eromanga sensei :’)

Alebord Jun 12, 2019

Oh my that is one neat looking shinobu

older version is nice

and make you look less like a creap

speaking of creap having a bunch of girls figure feels weird, i'd need to get dudes to balance lol but they all suck and i have enough too xD *until the next last one*

and yeah no pants lol that's great

It's her from one of my favourite show

Alebord Jun 12, 2019

Me from the future, good luck

Yeah i'm going to have more time for a while finally

*I forgot about that header x)

I think we can have good hopes of finding a replacement as there is a big amount of yuri comming out! 

I've received and got a bunch of pre-order still!

Fun fact a manga i ordered ended up costing me 7.71$ thanks to amazon pre-order thing, the lowest price it goes to before release is the price charged i love it

i wonder if i can pack a list of what i got recently.......... which did i tell you about already before (as i pre-order years in advance lol)

*fuck that's a lot*

Okay i have no idea what are the release date exactly but i think those should all release soon-ish if i haven't gotten them yet

Cocoon Entwined         

Eve and Eve, just received didn't read yet

Killing Me!

Count Fujiwara’s Suffering not yuri but it looks cute af

Komi Can't Communicate, just got it

Secretly, I've Been Suffering About Being Sexless, think i received it a bit ago? maybe OH wait no i got the second vol of solo exhange diary actually

Whenever Our Eyes Meet... meh an anthologie but sure didn't get yet either

Yuri Is My Job! i think i got it somewhat recently

Yuri Life 

Yuri Bear Storm i think i got that not long ago too

Didn't had time to read much but i shall read a lot more this summer

oh Beauty and the Beast Girl got that too recently i think didn't read yet either

Now Loading...! oh and that which i readdddddddd and iirc it was cute? short though lots of 1 vol ones sadly

I prob forgot sommmmeeeeeeeee

OH and i got a new figure Probably the last for a good while.