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Alebord Jul 15, 2019

Ow i should totally read that sounds nice! 

Are you watching some things this season? 

I totally dropped it :X

speaking of sucky weather, i got a really really really bad sunburn last last week :x

so yeah i was wishing for snow :3

Also i wish you were using discord more XD

Had started back on reading manga but stalled it again (got like 5 half read manga in my shelf) 

hell0emi Jun 30, 2019

*cough* weeeelll......

At want of admitting anything publicly (sometimes I forget this is all public, ha) directly and incurring any judgement, all I will say is my BL books all have “explicit content” stickers on the fronts. *gulp*

Which isn’t to say that’s the only reason, like I’m super aware of all the problematic yaoi that exists and so I don’t buy those. It’s a part of my interest that doesn’t get mentioned in my actual life yknow :’) I’m not adverse to yuri though, I’ve just never seen/read any thus far!


hell0emi Jun 29, 2019

I’ve just had a search for sweetness and lightning and seen it has an anime adaption sooo I’ve added it to my WTW. It looks soft and wholesome and I am but a wholesome person.

speaking of wholesome i also watched the show you linked previously, like I say for some reason I always end up watching them - predict is still reigning supreme though :’)

I’m not super familiar with yuri manga, although I have a physical shelf of yaoi manga but the adverts are good at roping me in to new titles  0:)


hell0emi Jun 28, 2019


I watched the priest thing, not gunna lie, didn’t hate it. Whatever that says about me. 

If I’m thinking of the right one, I’ve watched the teacher/student one and one about a boss and his employee... somehow I end up watching them all.... why?!

I’ll watch the one from your link, too. Maybe tomorrow now :’)

hell0emi Jun 28, 2019

It’s a shame really, I’d have been the best annoying little sister. *shrug* 

(I think this LN author is 100% into his actual sister. can I say that? For her to especially react that way)

I absolutely mean the weird priest rapist show, I’ve seen people mentioning it (not praising it of course heh) and thus I feel compelled to watch it too... there’s definitely something wrong with me since I also go in search of the full versions, not the cut-for-tv versions fml and I’m thinking I’ll probably watch it today while it’s on my mind *halo*

I’m usually down for anything weird so long as it’s short and not gunna get me arrested y’know