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Alebord Aug 1, 2019

I knew about them too but i had no idea it was getting licensed! The bonus things usually don't get licensed so i'm really hyped about it!

you do have a good point, but i really want more details on that story!

Sad to ear that about kase-san but yeah the OVA was really for ppl that read the manga (which i love btw)

 Yes i read married to shut bla bla and it was fucking great right!? Love it

i just received that too

I've been a little busy so i'm lost at what i read new lol

though i bought a new truck, i wish you were on discord i'd send you pics xD

I don't really wanna send them here............. eghhh well i guess i could

okay so i'll just hide it here 1 2 3 4 :3

I said goodbye to my car with sad music :feelsbadman: 

Are you watching things this season? I still haven'T started anything and i don'T really feel like it either, but yeahhhhhh

I really love the challenges so i might end up trying to get 8 watched before the end of the season just to get the full challenege and not end my streak because i'm being a lazy brat

i forgot what i was saying since i went away without finishing but yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhasjehfds okay anyway wave

Alebord Jul 28, 2019


want more citrus? 

Want more bloom?

which would you pick?

no need to pick we’re getting both!

Not only there’s the sequel of kase-san licensed but they licensed sequel of citrus and the spin-of of bloom (which seem to focus on best friend if prez)

Alebord Jul 28, 2019

The gif in the previous post is basically how i feel now lol

when i finished reading it i was happy and liked it just for the sake of me wanting more and getting more, but after sitting and thinking aobut it i realised that i didn't actyually like it that much!

And i totally agree about what you said, the last vol was a chase to the other memeber of the ship instead of being filled with their feelings and shit, it was straight-up one sided and the chase was boring tbh!

I've liked the headphone girls somewhat all along! She's a brat, but she bright man!

Re-read at some point right!

I found the whole thing about the scool and shit kinda dumb and also the guy she was supposed to marry 

Also i forgot did you read/like kase-san? caus they're making a new series (continuation or smth) of that! Which i find so cool!

I have a lot of stuff to read and all but i haven't been reading much lately (not in the mood lol)

Alebord Jul 24, 2019

citrus marked as read