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ShoumaTaka Sep 25, 2016

And I'll give you some recommendations :) ! ★ :

Heavens Memo Pad : this anime was very good and I basically watched this in two days ( I believe so)  , If you like the Genre Mystery this will entertain you.  And if you also like Detective's and how they solve cases this would also be a good anime for you to watch. 

XXXHOLIC : ( the three x's might throw you off because this anime involves no ecchi and no sex scenes)  I'd rate this anime a 8/10 the plot and story was good. The visuals were nice ( but I'd recommend you watch this in Dub)  , Characters were okay.  If you finish XXXHOLIC then get ready to watch the other Four animes in it's franchise * I don't remember the names of all of them) 

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni : ( if you can sit through episodes repeating and what I mean by that is basically it's an anime about fate. In The anime there Is a Cotton Drifting festival and there is always two murders on that day so it keeps going back a week from the Cotton Drifting Festival and shows everyone's ark I personally like Renas Ark)  It has a lot of horror and suspense in it 

ShoumaTaka Sep 25, 2016

For the most part I enjoyed watching Sweetness and Lightning it was almost to cute for words :3 will be doing a review on that,  the high school life of a fudanshi was pretty funny to me ( about a guy who's straight but still enjoys gay relations which is totally fine to me but it's like you enjoy it so how can you be straight)  , I'm waiting for all of D. Gray-Man Hallow  to come out with all thirteen episodes so I can Marathon it all in one day 

That was the same with me. I've been watching anime for around 7 years until I went on a Anime Block basically meaning I watched a lot of anime that I became bored with it and stopped watching for a year.  ( I think) in 2014 during New Years day I was on my Laptop looking on crunchyroll on what to watch.  I did a hit and miss with Diabolik Lovers ( I actually watched Diabolik Lovers again in August it was horrible)  and then I came across Blade and Soul which was freaking GOOD!  so then after that I watched all of Black Butler and Black Butler Season 2 and then became Hooked in anime again and now I watch anything basically 

ShoumaTaka Sep 24, 2016

Eh xD we all have our opinions so I won't fault you on yours.  Enjoying any summer animes??  x 

ShoumaTaka Sep 21, 2016

Glasslip gets a 7 and Sakurakos Investigation gets a 5 xDD oh lorry.