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ShoumaTaka Oct 25, 2016

OMG!  I see you haven't watched Honey & Clover yet.  I am begging you to watch it,  it's really funny and cute.  It'll have you feel tripping sometimes but it's definitely good.  & My favorite character on their Is Shinobi ( if I remember that was his name correctly haven't watched it in like a year)  

ShoumaTaka Oct 25, 2016

I prefer the Dubbed version over the subbed tbh.  The voices are squeaky a little bit to much for me,  glad to see you enjoyed Sweetness & Lightning!  It was very sweet and heart warming especially when they always made dishes.  You'll enjoy NANA like ALOT,  it was my first anime I've seen which was 7 years ago,  I have more recommends if you ever need some more :3 x 

sewn Oct 2, 2016

Hey. ~

I was just snooping around (like I always do) and I came across your page.

It's nice to meet you, how are you? ♡

Please, let me introduce myself. ~~

I'm Sewn, but you can call me Kei, or whatever you want. ^_^

I hope we can talk more and become friends. c:

Please have a nice day or night, whichever it is for you. xx

ShoumaTaka Sep 27, 2016

True!  I feel as if the Funimation Channel was good because we got to see stuff we usually didn't and it actually widened a few peoples spectrum. I also recommend you watching Nana because the story is like really really good although I rather prefer the manga tbh and after that you should watch Paradise Kiss ( from the same person : Ai Yazawa)  it's also really good.  :-: 

ShoumaTaka Sep 26, 2016

Ooooh!  I forgot all about the Funimation Channel ( when it still was actually a channel)  , I remmeebr Tsusaba use to cone on frequently. If I remember correctly D.Gray-Man would come on also and I knew nothing about D.Gray - Man like seven years ago and now I'm like a huge fan of the shoes ( I'm basically a die hard fan for that show)  , Cassern Sins use to also come on,  Negima!  , Fruits Basekt, Yu Yu Hakusho,  I use to have my own TV in my room so the channel stayed on Funimation Anime