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Alebord Mar 27, 2019

You’ll see why, maxes the beginning harder, but the end better

i’m curious at how you’ll like that


reading bloom right now and oh man that is somere gooodd stuffff

Alebord Mar 27, 2019

It’s not because of that, and i have no worries you’re gonna get through these quickly, the thing is you shouldn’t remember the story before reading it, you’ll see why. ;) (maybe like the last few pages of the vol could help for the beginning but I wouldn’t go for the whole thing! Also in case you wouldn’t (which i assume you will anyway) read it in 1 go it’ll be quick

Alebord Mar 27, 2019

Citrus definitely and don’t read the previous one before, like don’t.

then bloom 😜

Alebord Mar 27, 2019

are you getting bloom at the same time?

I got mine today :3

Alebord Mar 25, 2019

I read my first manga of 2019 yesterday night

vol 9 of citrus and oh man

oh man i did not expect this

back in the manga road though!