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I went in to this reluctantly, fully expecting it to be what the title and cover implies it will be. The only reason I watched is because so many people were talking about how great it is and how it's so much more than what you think it will be. Still, I figured that even if it wasn't just the typical anime crowd saying "it's all about the story, the bunny girl stuff isnt really a factor" just because it isn't straight up hentai, it would at least be a generic harem SoL or something like that. Boy was I wrong. I hope you can trust that I am not also one of those typical anime fans saying that same thing, in fact I really dislike fanservice in general. So believe me when I say the bunny girl suit shows up twice for less than 2 minutes in 13 episodes. So what does happen in those 13 episodes if not bunny girl hentai or an MC collecting anime waifus like pokemon cards? Some of the most adept, grounded and poignant commentary on the struggles of adolescence I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I wonder if I had waited a few years to watch this show the theme would be lost on me, but as it stands now I do still remember the struggles of high school and even face similar ones now, so it definitely still hits home for me. Truly, the concept of giving the specific struggles teenagers face a physical manifestation in the form of supernatural occurences were a stroke of genius in execution. Despite things like time-warping and body-swapping, the causes of these problems are as abstract as they are in reality, but the consequences being given severe physical form in the show really emphasizes their severity on the mind in reality. This show is a character study of the highest quality and I wish more shows would focus on their characters more than some overarching plot. Though an intelligent, satisfying, and moving concept is enough to make a show good, what really sets this show up for success are its lack of fluff and its avoidance of genre-standard tropes, like obnoxious slapstick humor or characters creating a massive problem out of a simple misunderstanding that could be resolved with one conversation. This is a show that knows better than to waste a scene; every scene either develops a character in a meaningful way or pushes the arc closer to being resolved. This dedication to developing the characters and keeping the narrative moving, while seemingly the obvious right choice in writing a show, is what makes this a 10 and not an 8 or a 9 when compared to anything else out there. Also the soundtrack is fucking insane.

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