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This list is going to be longer.

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I will add everything I can to make you suffer.

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Here you go...

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I recommend a laptop or something for reading this. If you are directed from instagram to this link, and are using phone, then you might have problems making sense of it. However I will try to resolve this issue in future. Maybe...

am a little lazy... *lazier

  "A lot of animes in the anime section may be either music videos or some other stuff like anime movies or cinematics. So the number of animes i have watched would be around 42% of the given Watched animes. hence if you are interested the animes i have watched, click here- filtered Watched section..." 

Favourite anime-->                       

1. 四月は君の嘘 (your lie in april

your lie in april

2. 残響のテロル(Terror in Resonance) MAPPA Studios


other animes I like in a chronological order(3rd, 4rth ... 8th)

 dororo  Code geass  

Deathnote   violet evergarden  Demon slayer

(edit: now, 2nd attack on titans, 3rd fate series, and other animes shifted to right)


favourite anime movies:-

1. Grave of the fireflies... suffer my friends

 grave of the fireflies

→Click here for it's soundtrack(youtube link)← 

(edit: "your name" at first)

other animes in chronological order("value decreasing and rank number increasing from L to R and top to bottom")

your name    no game no life

koe no katachi        ghost in the shell innocence

       kyoukai no kanata

favourite manga--> 

신의 탑/Tower of God/神之塔

tower of god

(Looks like Hyakkimaru from Dororo)!

Read 신의 탑 chapter 01 (Webtoon link)

btw you can also stream it's anime on animplanet(youtube interface), just click "Tower of God" link which is just above the GIF image... :[)

my favourite anime characters:

1. うちはイタチ(21 y/o)- Naruto


2. Riku Dola(18 y/o)- No game no life: Zero

3. 折木 奉太郎/Oreki Hōtarō(16 y/o)- Hyouka


4. 界塚 伊奈帆/Inaho kaizuka(17 y/o)-

anime i would choose live in if got a chance-->

ココロコネクト/kokoro connect

kokoro connect

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stardust2222 Aug 3, 2021

Hi I'm mason

Melody0 Feb 23, 2021

Nice bio

FullmetalGhoul Feb 17, 2021

Woah dude you reminded me of that UBW review... I wrote that so long ago it was a blast from the past, thanks. Haven't been on this website in years

Kospel Nov 5, 2020

Hi unfortunately I don't know any API for AP. I didn't make any research about it since coumple of months :(

valored Aug 25, 2020

Heyo! Thanks for reaching out, I was surprised to get a comment after all this time, I think that review is like 5 years old and I seldom come on AP!

It's been a long while since I watched the show, but from what I recall, the comment about the characters being random has a simple explanation.

When writing a story, you need conflict to drive it. Unless you're watching slice of life, without conflict, a story is boring. And even slice of life often has day to day little dramas to make the show interesting.

However, the best writers ensure that when drama or problems do happen, they happen organically and within the bounds of reason. Often, when writers get lazy, they neglect this. To make conflict happen, they simply let the characters in a story do incredibly stupid things, just to create drama and push the plot forward. As a writer myself, this is a common occurance which tends to be quite glaring and thus does significantly affect my enjoyment of the show.

Hope that helps =)