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Hey there, I'm Vinny, just your ordinary weeb, an artist and an aspiring writer!



My native language is Czech, but I can alspo speak English, Korean and I'm currently learning Japanese in uni. Also trying my best to learn a few more languages by myself!


There are many things I enjoy, including watching anime and reading manga! For example, I could talk for hours about my favourite authors, books, artists and their artworks. I live for sharing my thoughts about those things with people and I also love listening to others' opinions.


I'm also into sports, as I'm very energetic and need something to tire me out, whether it's running, rock climbing or playing basketball. I'm also learning how to skate, thanks to a certain anime. (・・;)


I play a lot of games even though I should be studying instead. I just started playing Genshin Impact so that I don't feel left out, and so far I'm enjoying it quite a lot! I've been also playing a lot of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.


I'm also a plant dad! I'm happy to say that my room is slowly turning into a jungle. My favourite plant son may be my yucca and clivia, I'm so obsessed with how cute they look.




You can find me here if you wanna!

Instagram | Twitter





I'll watch almost any genre of anime as long as it's entertaining, but I love comedy, mecha, iyashikei, horror and pyschological stuff the most. I'm weak in the knees for slow burners and anything weird and unique is right up my alley as well. I'm finally getting into some of the older series and OVAs and I'm enjoying them quite a lot, so if you've got any recommendations for anything that came out before the year 2000, please let me know!


Unfortunately, I came to dislike many shows that aren't even bad but have terrible fanbases. I don't care much for ecchi or harem shows, I actually find them to be a bit boring. What I can't stand are all the isekai animes that are appearing everywhere lately. Like honestly, how many bad ones do we really need? Certainly not this much.


As for manga, I read a lot of BL as the lonely homosexual that I am. I also love to read stories that don't end well, the more it's tragic the more I enjoy it. I love to suffer when I read something, after all.





Favourite anime series


Natsume Yuujinchou 


Neon Genesis Evangelion


Houseki no Kuni 






Mob Psycho 100



Fumetsu no Anata e


Devilman Crybaby 






Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge



Hourou Musuko



Favourite anime movies


Princess Mononoke




Koe no Katachi






Howl's Moving Castle



Favourite manga



Your Letter      Fumetsu no Anata e





Thank you for visiting my page!


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lemonkng Mar 5, 2021

thank you for the suggestions , i've added them all onto my list and i'll be sure to check them out :)

lemonkng Mar 4, 2021

hi there , thank you for the follow , i love your profile picture :)
i noticed you've read quite a lot of manga . i've been wanting to start collecting however i'm not exactly sure which ones to get , have you got any recommendations ? i'm into pretty much every genre , i currently have given , acca:13 , aot and deathnote but that's mostly because i enjoyed watching the shows . alrighty , have a good day / night :)

Kittyna Jul 10, 2020

Ahoj a děkuji ^~^ jinak pokud bys chtěl pokecat tak klidně můžeš napsat na můj fb, bylo by to asi více comfy, pokud bys tedy s tím neměl problém , ráda si popovídám s někým o anime, momentálně ze skupiny se kterou se bavim tak nikdo na anime krom přítele nekouká a ten má v hlavě jen sao >.>. (Sára Fojtíková) 

Venuette Mar 10, 2020

Moc ti děkuju za follow a omlouvám se, že odpovídám takhle pozdě. Na téhle stránce moc Čechů není, takže jsem mě vždycky potěší, když profil nějakého Čecha najdu <3.

kazuhamybeloved Feb 18, 2020

Thanks for the follow, feel free to leave a comment anytime!

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