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 Why You Should Watch Spy x Family This Season

Welcome to my profile!

Hi everyone! I have been watching anime (well consistently) since 2019! I watched some anime when I was younger such as Sailor Moon and Mermaid Melody but stopped once I got older. A friend recommended Mob Psycho and I've been watching anime since. The same friend also recommended me to read True Beauty and that's the start of my webtoon journey as well LOL thank you, friend. I also do listen to k-pop (since 2018), although not a die-hard fan back in my younger days but still occasionally keep up with their new music and watched a bit of drama (mostly not the new ones but I've been trying). I don't usually watch movies so any movies that you would like to recommend are always appreciated! I also play Genshin Impact :D


Favorite animes! 

Nana -   Monster -   One Piece - Streaming Free Online - Watch on Crunchyroll   Fruits Basket - Watch on Crunchyroll GREAT PRETENDER - COMPLETE ANIME TV SERIES DVD BOX SETS ( 1-23  EPISODES ) : Hiro Kaburagi: Movies & TV   Bungou Stray Dogs (TV Series 2016– ) - IMDb


some of my favorite moments/pretty scenes that i like :)

kaguya sama: love is war gif | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir   RECENSIONE FILM # – RIDE YOUR WAVE SU NETFLIX. | Milioni di Particelle   anime butts drive me nuts | Haikyuu nishinoya, Haikyuu gif, Haikyuu

Horimiya Miyamura GIF - Horimiya Miyamura Anime - @tobioshxt on pinterest |  Horimiya, Anime, Romantic anime   Hotarubi no mori e into the forest of fireflies light GIF on GIFER - by  Drelarim   Jeanne Vanitas Jeanne GIF - Jeanne Vanitas Jeanne - Discover & Share GIFs


Favorite manhwas/mangas/etc


When the Day Comes Vol 4 Korean Webtoon Book Manhwa Comics Manga Naver  Cartoon | eBay   Blue Flag Manga Volume 2   High School Debut 3 in 1 Edition Manga Volume 5 9781421566269 | eBay   [WEBTOON] See You in My 19th Life, un amor de vidas pasadas. - BA NA NA ...   Spoiler - Season Of Blossom | Novel Updates Forum   Windbreaker Wikia | Fandom


Honarary Mentions:

Love or Hate   Spy x Family   Ooh La La   Viewfinder   Blue Spring Ride   Lookism   Our Beloved Summer   An Uncomfortable Truth


Favorite characters


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Kpop groups I like :)


Twice - Twice (JYP Ent) Fan Art (42860155) - Fanpop - Page 43   24 SEVENTEEN gif ideas | seventeen, mingyu, wonwoo

ENHYPEN LAND — Enhypen 4th Vlive I was asleep and I missed it T T   Txt GIF - Txt - Discover & Share GIFs



0.5 stars - no plot, wasted my time, most of the scenes made me uncomfortable

1 stars - some scenes made me uncomfortable, either that or it is boring

1.5 stars - unenjoyable/boring, few scenes made me uncomfortable

2 stars - had potential but it didn't take it, could have done better

2.5 stars - its okay, average/typical, nothing too special

3 stars - its good tho I wouldn't reccomend

3.5 stars - it's fairly good, unlikely to recommend to others

4 stars - its very entertaining tho there might be some flaws, might to recommend to others

4.5 stars - could have been one of my favorites but there are some flaws, most likely reccomend to others

5 stars - they're my favorites! I would give out these reccomendtaions if asked :)


!! mostly change/update my ratings alot based on how I feel about them throughout time !!


Thank you for reading my bio! Have a good day/night everyone!


last updated: August 5 2022

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kkimczyra Aug 11, 2022

Hello! It's been a while, hasn't it? Psychology is pretty great! I think I learned many things about it in a span of four years. Oh, how fascinating the theories that you've been encountering in the course are! So I am hoping you'll get it next year, though. I hope so too, but we are really like polar opposites haha. How lucky of you, really. Oh, my God, my sister and I only have a one-year gap, though. TT

I know I'm late, but yay for finishing three essay assignments! Oh wow, it's been a while since I saw a minimum word essay. I hate to admit it, but I'm quite missing that lol. Anyway, good luck with that and don't cry! Haha.

Thanks! I'll put it on my reading list. I wish I could read some comics, but I just can't find the time since I'm pretty occupied with my part-time job at the moment. Ah, I hope adulting can have some subscriptions too, so I can cancel it. Haha.

Aceso Aug 10, 2022

Hey hey! 
I will for sure watch it, but didn't decide yet if I want to read it first or watch. I was curious after your comment how much manga costs in US and it says around 12 dollars, crazy. In Polland it costs from 16-30 złoty in dollars is around 5~7 dollars for a manga, so it's not that expensive when you look at our prices haha, for example I buy Requiem of the Rose King for only 16,99zł-- but only online, if I bought it in a shop it's 3zł more, what isn't worth, I bought once in a store and regretted it, because I always buy as much to get a free delivery. Did you watch the anime Requiem of the Rose King? I was surprised that people didn't really like it, because manga is really good. 
A man and his cat sounds funny, lol, need to check it out in the future.

Thanks for the rec, I will make sure to check every one of them (Already started Season of Blossom haha). Couldn't find Bolded though... 

Honestly, I have a same problem xD BUUUT! When I was in middle school I didn't read any yaoi or yuri (I was more into some bloodshet or mysteries), but my friend was really into yaoi and she said that she didn't have almost any lgbtq shipps, but after reading few mangas she started to have them and I'm the same here, because when I started to read it in high school I immediately had more gay shipps than hetero ones haha. I'm this kind of shipper that will shipp someone just for one thing or sentence, but when it comes to real life I could say it depends, but I mostly shipp those in movies, who should act like FRIENDS, but actually act like something MORE. I could name you many situations, but I mostly just think for a second that someone looks good together and go with my mind somewhere else. As to youtubers- I don't watch youtube and as to celebrities-- well, not really interested in shipping them, because of weird facts always coming out... maybe not lgbtq topic, but taking for example Jolie relationship with Pitt, I thought of it as a cute couple, but then everyone was talking about her relationship with her brother and oh well xd Shipping celebrities is a taboo I guess xDD I hope it does have some sense here, so sorry if it's not what you meant to know

Hahah, dunno, for me it's too hard, I mean, their rap is too hard comparing to their music. Some songs from you started so nice and than was this rap, I was just like a big no no no xdd 

Ahh, so nice to have siblings, who do things for you in games. Now it's too late to ask mother for a younger brother lol. So happy for you to get thoma, mine thoma is still waiting, just like many other characters ;w; Congrats on building Jean, I went yesterday few times domain for Xiao and got only a feather for him, pathetic. 
Well, my dream is to get Zhongli C6 :') But it's impossible. I have 30 wishes (so poor, I did the event with CO-OP mode, it was really quick one), so I can afford only one character to roll for and it can't be Zhongli, although I realllyyyyy want his weapon :< Well, I can't have everything. Nice that Ganyu gets a re-run, because I got lately bow for her TWICE. I wanted Childe, but the thought of getting for him his bow is making me annoyed, at the same time I want kokomi, because I want her jellyfish. 
I checked with whom will be Zhongli and he will be with Tighnari (???), this dude with huge rabbit ears. I mean, it is a guy, right...? BUT, fortunately it's a bow user, yay!!! I hope mhy will stop with new weapons for every character, because I don't want to own fifty different bows. 
I'm not even asking if pulling for Ayato is worth, because I barely hold myself back to not pull for him in his future banner XD Not gonna save for him primos, no, big no no. So I hope you will get him twice, once for you and second one for me :') Childe is so cool, but every time I want him, there is a character I want more and I just skip his banner :c Moreover the thought of killing Oceanid so many times is killing me mentally. I will never be mentally prepared for Hu Tao, her characters is always near death, while I love when my characters always have half HP bar. Good luck with them, is this the order you want to pull for them? 
I mostly need right now a catalyst and a bow user, because when I play Xiao, Baal and Zhongli at the same team I feel as if I was some kind of a simp for those spears... Maybe I will try pulling for Ganyu, because as I said I have a bow for her and I need a second cryo character, although Qiqi is now doing good job on heralds. To sum up; It would be nice to have Ganyu, Childe (Yeah, I want him anyway for my Zhongli to not feel lonely or smthg) and Kokomi, but I want someone from dendro the most, so they have to wait. 
You will have full 4* characters, while here I am still without Razor

OMG, I like them! NO. I love them, lol. So good!! Thank you for the band very much >w< 

Wait a second, you going to school? Tomorrow? When I was reading you on the phone I immediately checked the date, because I thought I slept some days, in USA school starts tomorrow?? LOL. Our school is starting 1st September, while college people go 1st October xD I thought you have TWO whole MONTHS of holiday just as we do. I guess you have similar school year to Germany, they also have one month of holiday and later on they have more free days in the school year or something like that (a bit messed up, but when I listened to my younger cousins it sounded also chaotic xDD)

You finished Reimei no Arcana, right? How was it, did you like it til the end?
Have a great day/night and peaceful start of school!

laviniaanii Aug 10, 2022

ohh, good luck with your new school year then! and im doing well, im kinda bored cuz theres nothing much to do here so im just spending my time watching anime and playing games on my phone hjgfj. also thank u!! i rlly like your bio as well. the way i started watching it was actually funny cuz i was reluctant to watch anything anime related when i was around 9-10 cuz i had to witness my brother watching aot for the first time cuz i was curious on what he was watching, and the whole scene with eren's mom getting eaten by a titan made me horrified. but he told me to watch all the school/slice of life related animes first when i was around 12. i ended up liking the dark and brooding ones instead lol. my first anime was technically azumanga daioh but i didnt finish it, the anime that i watched AND finished first was actually fullmetal alchemist brotherhood. the show gives me alot of memories and it made me get into anime so i gave it a full on 5/5. and you play genshin and listen to kpop?? u r so cool! what are your fav groups? i've recently gotten into enhypen. :') i recommend drunk dazed and tamed dashed if you haven't heard of them! also any bol4 songs cuz they give me sm comfort <33 also what server are you in genshin? i'm na! and yes its a good thing!! you have good taste my friend. and yea we do have similar tastes! And yea i def should, i might watch it next month cuz i have a school break for 12 days 

laviniaanii Aug 9, 2022

hey thank you for the follow ! i followed you back <3 how are you doing? tell me abit about yourself

also ur anime taste is super interesting, i actually wanted to give monster a try someday cuz i heard that its really good 

Aceso Aug 9, 2022

Hey, hey!
Yeah, I had fun, but I think you would have more looking at the fact that I was in the city and you mentioned strolling around, so Prague is one the places where you would find yourself and stroll around whole night haha
One season per day?! LOL, nice. I remember when I was able to do this too, but now I guess I'm too old for this xD I was really surprised by the fact that Vanitas got anime, I got two volumes for my birthday from friends in high school (because I was so in love with Pandora Hearts that they got me another author's work) and I'm really happy that at least Vanitas adaptation worked out for Jun, because Pandora was as if a different story 
As we are talking about mangas!! (I know I will forget AGAIN, so I will say it now and not at the end of the msg) I finished 'Til debt do us part (I was in the mood for modern romance haha), it was good but at the same time a bit cliché and I really wanted to see his sister's side story more. Do you have more modern romances? Or anything else to rec that isn't a fantasy? 

I'm fan of shipping, but not like a toxic way and I never understood shipping people, who sing at the same stage, I mean, I don't even like mangas where they sing together and date >_> So, if that's all rec from you about those two, I'm surprised that TXT isn't more popular than BTS (if BTS will change their rapper I will change my mind about this XDD)

Oh, nice. I will check them out some time. I guess I like girls in K-POP more, so probably check the Queendom first, although Ateez and Stray Kids are really tempting, so maybe they will be first haha

I guess I prefer to hear sound of motorcycles, cars, etc., than voices from behind the walls of my neighbours. It's the most annoying sound, I don't mind sleeping if someone talks next to me, but behind the wall is so annoying, the only sound that doesn't allow me to sleep peacfully

Oh my, so close to get one of them and didn't get them, I felt your pain while reading this. Let's hope for an awesome catalyst in dendro!! (I have no catalyst user from 5*, so it would be nice to have one too xD)
Yeah, a sign to get better artifacts for Diluc, but I'm too lazy for this and didn't even get artifacts for Xiao, who has now new artifacts because of Chasm domain... 
Are you building anyone right now? I'm so lazy for this, I didn't even log in for two days, crap... I guess those dialogues got me so tired of this game and I totally understand your irritation, the Fischl was the worst of them all for me, but the rest wasn't any better and the worst of the thing is that I'm not really interested in those characters, I like Kazuha's gameplay, but I'm not this interested in his past (I have other way with Albedo, not a big fan of gameplay, but his stories are just my cup of tea and the event in Dragonspine is one of my fav). Can't wait for something with Childe, unless it's again some domain with Xinyan, where he almost all the time absent

They look cute together, so I'm not surprised that you fangirled here haha. 

Have a good day/night!!