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Yakhio Aug 31, 2023


So how was your orientation? :>

I remember I was too nervous as heck and kinda ashamed as I was already like 30 years old and youngest new student was like 19 and straight from high school… :’) Ooow. : ( I hated math/physics/chemistry in grade school and high school as I’m worst at mathematical subjects. Just can’t wrap my head around math and numbers, my mom had to teach me about loan/ interest rate/etc math a night before my retake exam while I was in polytech so I could graduate someday as I failed first exam. XD Had to retake exams in high school also, I had too many failed courses. Luckily no moar math in uni.. .. Or I start to scream.

Yeah, three languages.. As Finland has two official languages, if you have had your education in Finnish, you have to take ”civil servant”/mandatory Swedish (I don’t know how to translate it really), without it you can never work for city/government/etc. Not sure if I ever want to work municipal or government work, but gotta study. I have already once studied and passed that freaking Swedish, but it was like 10 years ago, totally different field of study and university’s instructions for .. .. substitute that course with my previous one, were too complicated me to understand so I was HECK IT and now I’m back studying Swedish once more. I also have Academic English for Humanities courses (reading/commucations) and continuing Sámi also. Sámi is kinda minor I think as I don’t have anymore classes as mandatory, but I still want to learn it as much as possible. .. But I was glancing thru my schedule and I think they gonna go thru it as my enrolment to that class was accepted. Yay! :3

And oh, I enrolled one course like ”Introduction to Cultural anthropology and Archaeology” as my teacher recommended it like year ago, but stuff happened and never took any of those classes..

I messaged that teacher like two weeks ago, said they would check what’s wrong with it, I should get my credit marked as completed in May if that’s when I returned all my undone work, but still waiting for my credits. >: ( Gonna raise hell if I don’t get them, lol. I wish more classes would be just fail/pass but no. I don’t strive for perfection/grade 5, but I’m kinda disappointed when I get 3 as my grade. It’s still good and I COULD sometimes put more effort of my assignments, but mostly I struggle with ”Did I REALLY understand this?” stuff.

I started to color code my language notes, so I can find what I need better and faster. Vocabulary is like written in green and I underline verbs, grammar is in blue and text chapter in violet. Mainly because I had my unverline marker pens in those colors. XDDDDD I should organize my culture notes too and maybe rewrite them or at least some of them as I learn better when writing down stuff.

I actually started to play some gacha during summer holiday, totally hooked. XD Mainly playing Azur Lane, but also have FGO and Blue Archive. I also downloaded Honkai 3rd Impact, Nikke and Arknigts, but haven’t played them yet. I played Honkai on Steam but it gliched so badly that I never got it fixed and kinda annoyed to start over.. Nikke screamed network error everytime I tried to start and Arknights that I HAVE TO make account, tho I read you can play with guest account but my game had different opinion. XD

Good luck to you too in college and I hope you too successful academic year~  :>> Have a also good day/night.

Oooh, congratulations being my 400th comment!

Yakhio Aug 3, 2023

Hi hi hiiiii~

Absolutely no worries about taking so long to reply, I figured out that you might be busy or something similar. :>

We are doing well. Or at least I think I am, can’t really say about my other family members, but what I’ve seen and heard, we are all doing fine. It really helped that I travelled to my parent’s place to spend my summer holiday, and not being all alone in my apartment. I really have to create new planning/scheduling system as I glanced new timetables that will start at September, I’m having like three languages this autumn and have to figure out what to do with minors and such. xD (One minor is one of those languages, but it’s kinda uncertain will they teach that course, since last time I checked it.. I was only one who sign up for it. <__<’’’’ )

Overall my school year ended.. .. I think well? Tho I haven’t still received any credits from one of courses, even tho I submitted my missing assignments by the end of May and even sent email to professor that I have submitted them. >: ( I don’t get any grade for that course, only ”Completed/fail” markings, so it won’t affect my overall grade but I’m still kinda annoyed. I need those credits to my degree, but oh well, I’m starting just my second year and won’t be graduating anytime soon, so I have time to bug that teacher.

THANK YOU. :33 I know it’s mid score, but I’m thinking about asking if I can try to raise my score/grade on next spring, when that language course is again.. I don’t wanna bother teacher too much and ask to try it during autumn when that course isn’t ongoing.. Or do nothing, I’m quite lazy person. XD I’m still kinda pissed off that I forgot even basic verbs and it’s language which is quite ”verb heavy”, way more verbs than in my native language. Congrats you too on your grades! I got one 4 too, was really surprised as I rushed all of homework and essays and course diarys as deadline was on same day as Eurovision Final, and I was going to watch it with my friend at her place and no way didn’t want to bring my laptop with me. XD So my planning.. .. Kinda failed, kinda not. I finished my course diary like no problems, but with essay and summary of chosen article.. I struggled a lot. Material/articles for them were in English but I had to write summary and essay in Finnish so I had to do huge amount of translating work so I was able to write at all.  And as deadline approached I was kinda ffs, LET’S SKIP STUFF, but apparently I still wrote something reasonable. :’DDD

I just stalk couple of groups there and steal memes and stalk my relatives.. Tho I have bunch of friends/ acquaintances whose numbers I don’t have so Facebook is still quite useful if I wanna randomly talk with people. I have like under 20 numbers in my phone, and I could get rid of at least 5 of them no problem. Couple are like my old work agency numbers, I told them that don’t delete my profile yet, make it inactive, as I might come back during holidays and could work couple of shifts.. …. Didn’t do that this summer as it took pretty long to me decide when to come back home and such hassle so yeah. :D (If facebook would still have Farm Ville or anything like that, I’d be more active. I really like those games which you can play without thinking/you can destress and not think while playing. XD )

Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead and Undead Murder Farce are my two favorites from this season, bummer that they delayed Zom’s next episode to next week, I hope production doesn’t  break down and lead to more delays. ;( And no worries about late replies, just enjoy summer and prepare for the college. :> I also hope you’re doing well. ^___^

xxNEETxx Jul 18, 2023

Hello! How are you doing? Just thought I would write and wish you a good summer. You must be very busy. Aren't you going to enter a nursing program this fall?

Anyways, I'm fine. My dad came to visit for a couple days. My fiance and I went to city hall and got hitched. It was a lot like the DMV, TBH. But I am glad we did it.

Anyways, take care! 

Kaeseolin Jun 14, 2023

Hello boy, how are ya doin'?

I saw that you have a MAL account named ilyanime. Do you use the site often?

xxNEETxx May 23, 2023

Hello Friend, how are you?

Is it summer break yet? Any plans?

Cats are way better than kids. You don't even have to change diapers or anything. I have taught other people's kids and they suck. Not cute at all. They think they are the cutest and are deserving of an " A" just  because they are cute, but no.

Pharrell has produced many songs you have probably heard. He did that Gwen Stefani Song. That band song I can't remember right now. Another is Happy from minions movie. He did Lucky with Daft Punk.

For old school anime. I don't know of any set in entertainment except for Love Stage, which is really good. That's a yaoi. And I recommend the dub.  The others are just very dramatic romcom shows:

  • Kimi ni Todoke is really good. It's about this shy girl. She looks a lot like this scary girl from this Japanese horror movie. The other ones didn't age too well, but I like them.
  • Boys Over Flowers is a reverse harem.  Very unhealthy. Very addictive. Finished in a week.
  • Special A was pretty good.
  • Itazura no Kiss has a special place in my heart, but that one has been cancelled by many people because this lady gets slapped by her husband. She tried to sleep with the ML. I normally don't like anything where the FL falls in love first, but I can't help it. 
  • Have you seen His and Her Circumstances? This one is an experience. The guy that did Evangelion did this one.  Then he left, and they ran out of money. It's like watching a train wreck! Truly not to be missed.

OMG! Have you seen Tong Ling Fei? I would laugh hysterically every time I saw the opening song! It's not to be missed.

Cocaine Bear, I am saving for a special day. It's based on a true story. It's about this bear that eats a whole bunch of cocaine he found in the forest.  Some dealers freaked out and chucked it out of a plane. Then they go to the forest and the see a bear with white powder all over it's nose and mouth. They say, "Hey, Mr Bear. You ate 100 kilos of our cocaine. You owe us $2.25 mil." I think you have to watch to see what happens after that.  That's all I got for now.

Hope you are doing well.