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Burn the Witch

Feb 7, 2021

This review is written specifically for the anime. It might be based on really good manga, but I do not know. If you like witches, dragons and magic in the modern era, do not watch this, but it might be possible to have good experience with the manga.

What’s going on? This the leading question in this anime with terrible pacing. There is an explanation about “Reverse London”, basically hidden part of London where there are dragons, witches and magic. That’s all you will get from the settings. You can deduce that the main protagonists Noel and Ninny are witches and work as something like a contract based unit against dragons. You won’t get why, nor you will get how the other characters fits into the story. The opening dialog is something about “fairytails” and for some reason witches are also “idols” but it is never explained why (possibly cover-up?). There is also really important something about “the group”, but it is never explained what “the group” is.

So most of the show is witches randomly chasing dragons with some random significant events happening. If you look at each event separately, there could be really interesting story around it, but there is no such story in this anime. It really feels you are watching a trailer, and not an actual anime.

But the anime, does not fail to be an anime. There are sexual “jokes” (basically a dragon that say “show me your panties” in the most inappropriate moment). The main side-character have crush on Noel and this is used in the most inappropriate way, even when there was a chance to be wholesome. It is unclear how all this “sexual” “jokes” and occasional “cute” scenes (seriously, when it become small that dragon is cute) fits the whole narrative. Again, there could be something substantial missing from the source material.

In conclusion, this anime does not have a beginning, an ending, and even the main narrative is disjointed. New characters just pop-up with clearly established relationship to the protagonists for no reason and events just happen. It is clearly an anime made solely to sell the manga. You do not need to waste your time watching one hour long trailer with random cuts.

2/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall

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