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Qplayer Jan 24, 2023

Oh and I forgot about the first arc of Steins;Gate 0! Also a cool depiction of AI (although as a computer program not a robot).

Qplayer Jan 24, 2023

Thanks for the review comment on Vivy. To clarify, I wasn't talking about the diagetic (in universe) music when I was criticising the music (which was actually pretty decent, especially "Song for Polaris" which I really enjoyed). I was mostly talking about the rest of the OST which I found forgettable, a disappointment consdiering I enjoyed the composer's other works.

I don't know if the writers really intended for the flaws of AI to be exposed in the quality of its music or the usefulness of the missions. That seems a bit too meta to be plausible, but it's an interesting interpretation.

Overall in terms of AI depiction in anime, there were certainly others I liked better. Melfina from Outlaw Star, Chi from Chobits, any of the characters from Time of Eve, or even Nano from Nichijou if you're talking comedy.