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I do reviews to write down thoughts on shows, which helps me develop my ratings much better, and understand exactly what I enjoyed/disliked.

If satisfying conclusion is ✅ it means it has a conclusion to the story. If it has a cliffhanger/"read the manga" ending, it will not be labeled as such.

If emotional is ✅ it means it made me get the feels. I've never cried from a show but these are the ones that got me close/teary eyed.

If romance is ✅ it means romance is developed in the story and is a driving force. (If its about 2 teens crushing over eachother with no progress, no way will it have a mark)

If comedy is ✅ it means it made me laugh. Either a "heh heh" or a lol. Too many shows are labeled a "comedy" when its just tropes that at best make me smirk. (mostly cringe)

If Fanservice/Nudity is ✅ it means ( . Y . ) ... but really I'll usually explain what type of fanservice or nudity is shown.

If a show is rated 5/10... it doesn't mean I hated it. It means it's average. Anything below that might still be enjoyable but with major flaws. Anything above that I deemed above average with good qualities that back it up. You won't see many 1 or 2-rated shows, since I drop them if they are that bad. If there's a field that you would like me to add to my reviews, let me know and hopefully I can remember the content.

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