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AYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I LOVE POOP ITS SO AWESOME I LOVE BLUE FIRE FROM ONE PUNCH MAN HES JUST SO COOL HE NEEDS MORE STUFF BRO I SWEAR SUCKS THAT GAROU Wait, its.. a bit spoilers.. uhh.. well SPOILERS KINDA FOR A BARELY THING GAROU CUTS OFF HALF HIS RIGHT ARM SO YEAHH THAT SUCKED BUT YEAH BLUE FIRES AWESOME I WONDER HOW HES DOING IN OPM RIGHT NOW AND WLAMART YEAH ITS JUST MY BANNER THING NOW WOO AWESOME YEHA SO WHATEVER YOU GUYS KNOW THE ACCOUNTS scottsbiggestfan and boblovespizza? well that dude SCOTT OVER HERE.. JEEZ HE HATES ME AND IDEK WHY HE USED TO BULLY ME IRL LIKE JEEZ GOSH and bob he's awesome he has a youtube channel called bob loves pizza and they're actually both people that went to my school and stuff so yeah wow but yeah jneez just block scott he's dumb ban him too lol jk maybe don't ban him its been years since he bullied me.. i don't really care. all bullies are fat anyways

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