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i like anime and mathcore 

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captivus Jul 2, 2019

Hello there and thanks for the comment! :-)

If you liked Gosick you might also like The Familiar of Zero - its much more childish and goofy but has a similar type of main characters. Based on your tastes though (judged by a brief checking of your watched list) I'd check out:

1. My Little Monster

2. Planetes

3. Shouwa Genroku Rakuga Shinjuu

and possibly Kids on the Slope if you feel a little bit dramatic.

I'm willing to bet good money You're gonna like most, if not all of them :-)

Sianeka May 31, 2017

Hello and welcome to a-p!!  Hope you enjoy your time here. ^_^

Did you know that the Forum is now open again to all members?  You should check it out - it’s a great place to meet other anime fans and get involved on the site! Forum link (or just click on Forum link under Community at the top of any page.) *smile*