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❥ Magica Record: an anime I looked into, found intriguing, and finished within two days. Although I tend to be biased, this is a review so I will attempt to be as unbiased as possible.


❥ The plot was interesting, but not the most interesting. I found a lot of the relationships in the plot reflected that of the original. It is about Iroha's journey to discover her wish that is the reason she is a magical girl, but she has no idea what that wish is. She hears from a fellow magical girl that magical girls are going to Kamihama City in order to be "saved." Hearing about this, and her little sister once being in a hospital in that city, she decides to go there. Once going to the city, she meets multiple magical girls who seemingly have a lot more wisdom about the world of magical girls. Iroha only knows her wish is related to her younger sister, Ui, and two of her sister's friends potentially.

If I am honest, I still do not fully understand what her wish was, which was the whole point of the journey. If that was made much more clear, I may appreciate the plot more. It was just missing a few tiny things.

The plot did keep me interested though. Which is the point of watching these shows.


❥ The animation was familiar to the original show, but better. I did not notice any obvious lazy mistakes, and it is cohesive. I always enjoyed watching the witches' and doppels' animations; the style it is done in makes shivers crawl down my spine, which prevents me from looking away. When the magical girls transform, I like to see how they do so. I understand it's better not to have that though because it is not the focus of the show.


❥ The music is what tends to set the mood, and is vital to make a boring moment seem interesting. The music is intense, and delivers powerful messages. Although I was not emotionally attached, it did assist in keeping me captivated.


❥ I found the characters to reflect much of the original anime in terms of their dynamics. A lot of animes, like Love Live for example, tend to do this for some reason. There were more characters in this show than in the original, and I found most to be okay. If they had more faults we could see it would be nice.

I did not understand how Iroha grew so strong at the end of show. She did not do a lot of fighting herself, so I do not know where her strength suddenly came from. I found it interesting though that some magical girls outside of the almost cultish group that appears at the end of the show, can have doppels due to rumors.

Overall if the characters had more depth to them, I may feel more attached to them. I did not feel a deep attachment to them.


❥ If you like magical girl animes, I would recommend this anime. I know it came out with the release of a game so keeping it in that context, it may have been a cash grab. I enjoyed watching it. ♡︎

7/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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