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Tsuredure Children

Jun 4, 2020

I'M SORRY!! But I cannot be the only one who genuinely did not like this anime. I am usually a sucker for romance anime no matter how cliche and tacky. No matter the predictable plots and overused tropes. But jesus was this a compilation of the worst things in romance anime. Constant misunderstanding no matter how obvious, obvious comunication problems and that's only naming a few. I do love myself some short and sweet animes to season your day. But man so many of these plot lines were so useless. I couldn't even tell you the name of one character. And the other plot lines (couples) moved to slow to function and care. Like you'd spend so long watching other couples progress and than you come back to a couple you haven't seen in a while and they haven't progressed in the slightest and to make it worse the little screen time they get is just repeating the issue with no progress gained. All for what? A rushed ending that isn't satisfactory at all. Don't get me wrong I liked maybe 1 or 2 couples but jesus not enough to put myself through this again. 

I know I know what were you expecting from such a short romance anime with so many couples and characters to cover. You shouldn't approach this anime expecting depth and relief. You should watch it when you have time to waste and even than that's still a stretch. 

(I sound super mean and I have nothing against the anime or the fans. Just thought it wasn't that good.) 

2/10 story
2/10 animation
2/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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