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I'm iRendzo, who love manga, anime and games.
I'm a chapter mod on Anime-Planet since 2020.
I'm from Romania. (Salut! :) for romanians)

The first anime i watched was Naruto(some episodes), which was on TV when i was little boy.The first time i didn't know about anime and i found out about it late.  
 So i started watching more anime from 2017.
First anime: Aldnoah.Zero (I mean, i started watching anime seriously, not just some episodes like when i was little.)


I heard about the manga, but I didn't want to because I didn't like reading at the time.
But my friend(Tekato) insisted that I read that his love for manga is so strong that it corrupted me and I became a crazy reader like him.
I started reading the manga in 2019.

First manga: Seraph of the end

5 stars: Masterpiece 
4,5 stars: Very Great, almost masterpiece
4 stars: Great
3,5 stars: Very Good
3 stars: Good
2,5 stars: Ok but somehow it feel boring
2 stars: Bad
1,5 stars: Very Bad
1 stars: Terrible
0,5 stars: Very terrible/I'd like to know why it exist...
Heroes of the Storm
Genshin Impact

 2 gifs(up and down): One Piece
Updated: 06/10/2022

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Stimpak Feb 19, 2021

Thanks for the follow! 

HKBattosai Jun 4, 2019

iRendzo said..."Sorry for the late reply, I appreciate the welcome. I like this site. ;D"

Hi! Arigatō for the follow. It's nice to meet you. No need to apologize for the "late" response. I'm grateful that you took the time to thank me. BTW, my pleasure.  :D

Please feel free to comment or chat with me anytime on my A-P profile or my >forum< profile. If you're looking for any anime ideas, then >here< is my list of Watched anime. I am definitely open to suggestions as well. If you want to check out some custom lists for even more ideas, then mine begin >here<, and the entire list of community ones are >here<.

No matter what, I really enjoying being involved on anime-planet, and I'm glad you are liking the site thus far. Again, thank you for the follow! Until next time, sayōnara!


HKBattosai May 28, 2019

Hello and welcome to A-P! Hope you are enjoying your time here! ^_^

If you have any questions feel free to comment back at me, or you can check out our awesome forum >here< as well. The community is small, but amazing and growing! In addition, A-P has plenty to offer in anime, manga and so much more, including being able to watch anime free starting right >here<. It doesn't get much better than that! And if manga is your thing, then check >here< for an excellent way to search our detailed manga database. Make sure to take advantage of all that A-P has to offer. Sayōnara!