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Aug 3, 2012


"Some years into the future, a strange, unexplainable natural disaster has broken off a piece of the Japanese mainland. Known as the Lost Ground, it is now inhabited by people with Alters -- machine-like extensions of their own will. In order to keep the peace on the Lost Ground, the HOLY organization uses its own Alter capabilists to police the region. In the midst of the chaos is a young man named Kazuma, whose life will soon change forever as he discovers his hidden abilities, and how to wield them."


S-cryed is some sort of action fighting piled anime. It really lives up to its title. At the beginning I was quite surprised to see that there is only 4 anime reviews for this kind of anime, but later I realized that it all depends on personal taste. So here I am writing a review of S-cryed. Feel free to give your thoughts or opinion in the comments section below.

I usually never delve into the storyline of animes, but this one have not to slow neither to fast story line. It always makes you wonder what's going to happened next. As far when it comes to the story it was easy to follow. Nothing to complicated neither to fast paced.

Story - Rate: 8/10

Well I am not really into old animation, but I wasn't worrying about the quality of it since I did watch other old animes. The animation was quite decent. It's one of those generic anime style you would get back in 2000-2001. The quality of it was decent and easy for the eyes. But then again I am not really a fan of old quality in every old animes so this one didn't actually please me a lot.

Animation - Rate: 6/10

The sound is okay. Here and there it could have been better, but I am probably just been a picky lunatic there ;).

Sound - Rate: 7/10

The design of the characters was great. I loved how they came up with the transformations and different types of characters with their own specific elements. Although there was one of them which I say that they should totally reconstruct him which is Hammer. I just get a feeling that his transformation was a bit odd. All in all every characters has matureness which is what I like in every anime aspects.

Characters - Rate: 9/10

Overall veridict: 7.5/10 

All in all this was a decent anime to watch. And I really have enjoyed watching it since it was so easy to follow and always had actions fight in it which is good. Although fighting is not the only trick that keeps your viewers entertained, but the quality and the plot is what keeps the viewers interested as well.

8/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
9/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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