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Masamune-kun's Revenge

Nov 25, 2018

*Include SPOILERS*Holy shit I am just super pissed after watching all 12 episodes. I am so mad omg. I watched the anime because I thought the concept was cool as shit. Awesome concept, but to me they messed up so many part it just triggered me as I watched. For example I wished his perspective of her changed so he ACTUALLY likes her. Makes no sense for him to go through all that shit and STILL want to play her. Another huge mistake was not really explaining their childhood experiences well at all. You litteraly need to wait later on in the anime to kind of get what they are talking about. Another mistake they made was not expanding on the main lead's past and stuff. They could of done so much and there was so much potential like maybe she EXPLAINS why she is so cold towards men. She kind of does by saying it was the male leads fault, but it does not really make sense to me since she was already cold at the young age so he was just a victim. Another problem was the GIRL never found out that he was the fat kid. It pisses me of since they hinted that he was going to tell her when the sick girl was at school, but nope nada he is not going to tell her. You can't even call this a romance anime. This is just a drama anime to the highest because he does not even like her. It just triggers me so much since there was ZERO progression on the whole anime. Litteraly WASTED my time hopeing for something that could be interesting to come like him telling her who he is, but NO NO NO NO they just drag on the boring plot. Another part that triggered me was when they introduced the fake fat kid. OMG so unneeded because it was just a waste of all like 4 or 5 episodes of him being jealous and wanting to win the play. Litteraly could of done so much by exposing him for being the fake fat kid and main lead comes out and says he is the fat kid. Bro pisses me off because female lead only "liked" him because he was the fat kid in her memories and shit so she cut her "relation" which was not in existence anyways with the male lead. I liked the anime a little so I am being very very very very very generous with my scoreing, but they could of done just so much with the cool concept.

5/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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