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Hello my name is Brandon! Nice to meet you. I'm 20 years of age. I am a gamer for life. If you're interested in gaming with me my Xbox Live account is: Envious SireN & my Playstaion Network is: iCatastrophe408. I currently only play xbox so hit me up on there if you have one. Music is pretty much my life. I love watching anime in my spare time if i'm not playing games or with friends. I've been studying to make games & short films etc. But I currently at the moment work at Papa Johns. I have a long way to go. I live in San Jose, California. I've watched quite a good amount of anime, but I have many more I wanna watch which is why I joined this site. Also to talk about the anime's & get peoples reviews & recommendations. If you have anything you wanna ask, just ask away. Thanks & have a great day. (:

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AnimeRockz Jun 29, 2011

What is your full name again and what are u wearing? :D

AnimeRockz Jan 12, 2011

Lol! :L Oops I forgot to tell you who I was haha i will add you again but I mean you don't have to accept me lol :)

AnimeRockz Jan 12, 2011

You got banned?? Lol rebel :P

Oh, I added you on Facebook and cool pic btw :)

AnimeRockz Jan 11, 2011

Lol you have already played all the new ones :L I've missed a lot of games so I want to start from the bottom. I find it annoying how Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 is on both Xbox and PS3 but the first one is only on PS3?? O_o Have you got Facebook? :)

AnimeRockz Dec 31, 2010

Sorry for the late reply not been on ages but anyway how have u been? I've yet to buy the wireless adapter for xbox live :) I've missed out on a lot of good games so I'm starting from the start. Have finished playing Naruto: Broken Bond and I'm in the process of playing Assassin's Creed lol. I've also bought Fable II for afterwards :D Write back =]