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I got into anime after being introduced to it through FullMetal Alchemist and My Hero Academia by Fade. {INSERT awesome bio that I will eventually write here}. I used to read a lot when I was a kid, but I struggle to pick up books nowadays. I stick to the fanfiction and the occasional manga. When I'm not on A-P or at school, I watch anime and procrastinate. (Hence the name).


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Perruche Apr 28, 2023

Good anime can be really addictive(I slept so many times during lectures at uni because of binging)

The story behind my pfp dates back to 2008. The dango song was for me such an earworm, couldn't get it out of my head (not a bad thing, this song makes me smile each time I hear like 3 notes). And the pfp is a way to trick my brain into happiness. What's the story behind yours?

Also, any horror anime recommandations?

Perruche Apr 27, 2023

Steins;gate, welcome to nhk, the first season of psycho-pass, death note. I've not yet seen Monster; 74 episodes is a lot. Since I've heard nothing but good things about it, I fear not beeing able to stop watching and end up not doing other things I need to do ^^

Perruche Apr 26, 2023

Just wanted to say that the fact that you are so nice everythere you go in the forums makes me wanna follow you :)

have a nice day!

AnnaSartin Nov 8, 2022

I'm actually one of Santa's elves this year, but I hope everyone gets something they enjoy! ^_^