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I rarely give out 10's but this story deserves it.

The characters and scenes are beautifully designed. The coloring is especially phenominal. Each character has a very distict color pallette that's also telling of their character. For example, Shin has a blue and white color pallette and is very calculating and reserved, while Wolfgang has a gold and black color pallette and is a bit more bold. When you combine the characters in different scenes, it's absolutely a gorgeous sight to see. The artist also uses color to add emotion, such as black for frustration.

The characters are also fleshed out very well. I would recommend reading King's Maker first, because although King's Maker: Triple Crown is the "main" story, King's Maker is a good prequel (it gives the characters intentions while also telling a compelling story). When you see Shin and Wolfgang having an argument, you can't pick a side because you can see both sides so clearly.

The story is solid. There never feels like there is a filler chapter. The story is always going somewhere. And sometimes the author likes to throw in some foreshadowing. It's not too complex of a storyline, but that's okay. I am a firm believer that storytelling is the most important part of, ya know, telling a story. And because the storytelling is so good in this, the storyline doesn't need to be complex. It's just like eating a perfectly baked piece of plain (which is realley lemon) cheesecake (idk that's what came to my head). It's almost better because of the simplicity.

10/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
10/10 overall

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