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Killing Stalking

Aug 25, 2019

 To start this off, I would like to say this is NOT a romance comic. I do not believe anything about this is romantic, it's literally mental and physical torture. 

But I am extremely passionate about this comic. The development of the characters was so in-depth, you could see them changing practically every chapter. It was very detailed in personalities and backstories. I fell in love with each character because they each had their own charming features, even dickwad Sangwoo, lol. Ithink this comic sheds some light on how fucked up things can be in relationships, as this is an extremely unhealthy one. I believe the creator did a very very very good job of showing all different forms of abuse and how they can affect someone. The art is extremely detailed and well done, I can't imagine how much time it took. The color, lineart, and everything is perfect. This comic is so well done, if you want an extremely detailed story that's different from most, I recommend this comic heavily. It's my personal favorite. 

Thank you for this lovely comic , creator ❤️

10/10 story
10/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall

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aryancoconut Aug 31, 2019

Sorry for the punctuation errors below! I have been drinking.

aryancoconut Aug 31, 2019

You’ve absolutely pinpointed all my thoughts about this series: horrible content but good writing, and for that I just have to give your review credit. I’m so glad you can see how well written this is, even past the disturbing content of the story. I mean, this shit made me cry. It got so scary. Even though I didn’t quite fall in love with each character (I just couldn’t,!with that psychopath), I totally understand what you mean bc I began to care about most of them and that’s when you know you’re invested.

Anyways, I apologise for droning on but I love your review!!