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This manhwa hasn't been finished yet, however, since I binge read all the chapters so far (around 100 at the time of this review), I feel OK about writting a review. So, this is the direct sequel to White Angels Have No Wings. I'd say reading that is required to fully appreciate White Angels Get No Rest. While WAHNW is more of a psychological drama set in a catholic all-female high school with some shoujo-ai sparkled throughout (and a lot of bullying), WAHNR can proudly wear the "Yuri" and "Mature" labels. Lots of sex, cursing, humilliations, bdsm, and even lovely lesbian romance.


I love Gabo's writing through this whole series. You never know what's coming next and if you are allergic to conventional plot devices and cliches, like me, you'll probably find the developments engaging and authentic to the characters. I don't want to spoil anything so I'll just say the story follows the events of WAHNW, around 7-8 years later, and it's at it's core, a revenge-love story (so far). Also I have to mention the character Yeonhwa. It's such a great character, she'll linger in your head long after reading.


This manhwa seems to have been drawn the traditional way, meaning there seems to be very little to no digital intervention. I really like the compositions and the creative use of color throughout the whole series so far. I also appreciate how expressive the characters are. There's no stiffness here, cough* "What does the fox say?". My only complain on the art department is that it's quite inconsistent. Some panels can be breathtaking while other are meh. Regardless of that I really enjoy the art and it perfectly suits the story.

Final words:

Are you looking for a manhwa in the yuri genre geared towards a mature audience? Do you enjoy fucked up stories with fucked up unpredictable characters? This is for us.

9/10 story
8/10 art
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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